Super Mario Allstars: 25th Anniversary Edition Wii - Cheats & Tips
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Super Mario Allstars: 25th Anniversary Edition Wii - Cheats & Tips


Super Mario Bros


Get to world 5-1 from world 1-2.
As Super Mario or Fire Flower Mario you must go to the pipe right at the end of the level and jump on it. Break the block above/left and stand on the left edge of the pipe as far over as you can without falling off. Crouch then jump backwards as far right as you can. If you get this right Mario will slide through the pipe and bricks. Go over to the warp zone area and enter the middle pipe. This pipe then warps you straight to world 5, level 1.

Another way of getting to 5-1 is by doing a very similar thing in world 4-2 - thats actually meant to be there though, the warp from 1-2 is a glitch. Once you have got to 5-1 from 1-2, you can also use either of the other two pipes to access Minus World -1.

Small fiery Mario
On either stage 1-4, 2-4 or 3-4 etc get to Bowser at the end of the level as Super Mario and get behind bowser onto the the right side of the bridge near the Axe. Bowser will start to come towards you, try and hit the Axe and Bowser at the same time; you can tell if you've done it right because you will hear the noise that happens when you shrink, but you'll stay as Big Mario.

On the next level get a super mushroom, and you will shrink. Get a fire flower and you will be small fire mario!

Notes: After using this bowser/axe trick, you will die in one hit when you are appearing as Big Mario, and you will turn into Big Mario after being hit as small Mario.


Blooper Dodge
Walking on the bottom of the ocean on water levels means you are immune to blooper attacks - they float back up before they get right to the bottom!

If you run out of lives and its game over; whilst on the game over screen hold A then press start and you will get to try the level that you died on again.

When you jump through the flagpole at the end of a level with either 1, 3 or 6 seconds left on the end of the timer you will get that amount of fireworks go off.

If there are 113 seconds left you will get 3 fireworks go off. If there are 111 seconds left you will only have one, etc etc.

World 5 Warp
Right at the end of world 4-2 where the pipe is that leads to the flag jump on the long pipe, break the brick above it and go through the end; you can then see the pipe that leads to world 5.

Super Mario Bros. 2


Mario ends it all
If you pause the game while in a level and then hold up, B, A on controller 2 and then unpause, Mario is dead. We all have our bad days.

Double jump - can be done in two ways
1. Run at any enemy, with any character and jump just before you're about to hit him, if done correctly you'll be able to jump again while in midair.
2. When you have 3 or 4 hearts let an enemy run into you, then jump, and you should be able to do a second jump while already in the air.


Warp to World 4
Locate a potion in world 1-3, go to the far right of the level and use the potion next to the brick building. You will go into sub-space and then go into the vase and you will come out in world 4.

Warp to World 5
In world 3-1 enter the door that takes you to the large waterfall. Jump down and land on the platform in the middle and enter. Take the potion and drop it near the vase; you can enter sub-space, once in there go through the vase and you'll be in world 5.

Warp to World 6
In world 4-2 locate the potion. Find the vase and then put use the potion directly next to it, enter subspace and whilst in there enter the vase, then you're at world 6.

Warp to World 7
Level 5-3: Use a character with a good jumping ability; locate a potion and then squat jump to the vase, drop the potion right next to the vase and go through the door, enter the vase in subspace and you've made it to World 7.

Super Mario Bros. 3


This only works on the Japanese version of the game. When you locate a Kuribos shoe, make sure you have a tanooki suit on, just as you are jumping into the shoe quickly transform into the tanooki statue, Mario then goes grey and enemies cant get to him.


28 P-Wings
Complete the game once, and watch its ending. The next time you start a new game you then have 28 P-Wings!


Unlimited 1-Ups
Go into World 1-2 as Raccoon Mario, climb up the hill at the start and jump over the horizontal pipe. Wait for a moment and lots of GOombas will start coming out of the pipe. Once 2 or 3 are out of the pipe, jump up and hover with your tail - bouncing off Goombas; once you've killed a few each additional kill will grant a 1 up. You can gain as many lives as you like this way. This same tactic can be applied to 2-Fortress and 7-5.

Hammer Bro to Treasure Ship
A wandering hammer bro can be changed into a treasure ship (a white ship full of coins). To do this you have to collect a number of coins that is a multiple of 11. Make the 10 digits in your score match multiples of 11. Stop the timer at the end of the stage that you are playing in on an even number. Example would be 11 coins, 9310 as your score and a timer at 104. This only works in worlds 1,3,5 and 6.

Make the N-Spade card game appear
Gain 80,000 points as player 1 and beat the level that you broke the 80,000 point barrier on and the N-Spade card game will appear.

Alternative Thank you letter from the King
Defeat an airship boss as either Hammer, Frog or Tanooki Mario to receive an alternative letter from the king.

Warp to level 8
Use a warp whistle at level 7. While in the Warp Zone use another warp whistle and you will be transported to the beginning pipe of level 8.

Warp Whistles
These whistles allow you to warp to different worlds, they can be found in the following places:-

Level 1-3
Find the white block near the end of the stage and crouch on top of it for 5 seconds, proceed to the end of the level, go behind it. A white mushroom house with a warp whistle in it is then revealed.

Level 1 Fortress
As raccoon Mario fly over the top of the level when you find the first door, and at the top right there is a hidden door at ceiling level which takes you to a warp whistle.

Level 2 Hammer Bro
Obtain a hammer from one of the Hammer bros and use it to destroy a rock at the top right corner of hte level 2 map. Defeat the hammer bros on the other side and you will be rewarded
with a chest containing a warp whistle.

White Mushroom Houses
To unlock these white mushroom house you have to get a certain amount of coins on each level

These mushroom houses contents will change according to the world you are in
Worlds 1,3,5 and 7 have P Wings in them whilst the ones in 2,4 and 6 have Anchors

The levels / number of coins required to unlock a mushroom house on that level are as below:

  • 1-4: 44 coins

  • 2-2: 30 coins

  • 3-8: 42 coins

  • 4-2: 22 coins

  • 5-5: 28 coins

  • 6-7: 78 coins

  • 7-2: 42 coins



To get an extra life
Before you jump through the flag at the end of a level ensure your coin total is a multiple of 11. Jump through the flag when the last digit of your remaining time is the same digit as your coin total and you get a 1-up.

Warp back to World 1
If it's all got a bit much for you, you can warp back to world 1 from world 3-1. Towards the end of this stage jump onto the spring and fly over the flagpole. Keep going right and you'll come to a pipe which warps you back to world 1.

Warp back to World 2
When you are in World 1-2, jump onto the bricks at the top, run forward and you will go past the pipe to to the exit stage. Keep running and you'll find a pipe that takes you to world 2.

Warp to World 3
To warp to world 3, you must be in world 1-2. When you reach an area where there is a pipe, some bricks and steel-shell Koopa, hit the leftmost brick and a beanstalk will come out. Clim the beanstalk, at the top run forwards until you reach a pipe - this will warp you to world 3.

Warp to World 4
This warp is performed from world 1-2. At the point where you reach the moving platforms, jump onto a platform; while on the platform take a run and jump onto the small brick ceiling, then jump to the next, keep going until you locate two pipes. Once there go down the pipe on the far left. It takes you to a secret area. With small Mario or small Luigi run beneath the lava pit which is suspended by a brick wall and keep running til you see a pipe. Dont go down the pipe; searched for a secret coin block thats located one space to the left of the lava pit. Then get on the coin block and look for a coin block thats located one space to the right of the coin block that you are on. Jump on next coin block and jump up to the brick wall ceiling - there will be a warp zone that leads to world 4 waiting.

Warp to World 5
To warp to world 5 you have to be in world 8-1. After you pass the third Hammer bro go down the next pipe you see that points upwards. You will enter a secret area, collect the coins and leave. You will now be outside, go up some stairs and you will have a pipe there that leads you to world 5.

Warp to World 6
As any large Mario variation go right near the end of world 5-1. There are two rows of floating bricks past two red koopa paratroopas, hit the rightmost brick of the top row of blocks and it releases a vine. Smash the brick next to it and then go up the vine. After going through the small bonus area that awaits you will be dropped off on a pipe right next to a warp zone to world 6.

Warp to World 7
Right by the end of world 5-2, there are three small elevators; get as high as you can and from the last elevator try to jump to the top of the ceiling, run right and jump when the ceiling ends and you will come to a warp zone that takes you to world 7.

Warp to World 8
In world 5-2, when you reach three elevators, jump onto the first one and use it to hit the brick immediately to the left of the elevator, go up the vine that comes out of this brick and go through the bonus area you then reach a warp zone taking you to world 8.

Warp to World C
In world A-3, use the spring to get over the flagpole at the end of the stage and continue running, you will come to a pipe that takes you to World C.

Warp to World D
In world B-4, go to the very last pipe in the level next to the lava pit. Jump into the pipe and it will take you to a Warp Zone which takes you to world 8.

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