Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Review by Michael Dorman
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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Review

If you are an old school gamer than be sure to get this game, with many cameo appearances from previous Mario games such as the Rex's from Super Mario World the game will surely appeal to old school or just a normal Mario fan.

Story 8/10
The thing that pleases me here is that the main storyline isn't really put into place until late into the game (5/8's through), and that there are a lot of mini storylines in that space that come together and make the main storyline.

Graphics 9/10
Very nice graphics could have a bit of work done to them but there very smooth. The thing in this department that suprises me is how smooth the animation is done in comparison other games. Another aspect of the graphics is how good the FMV's are, they are very nicely rendered with smooth edges and a steady frame rate.

Sound 10/10
Well here is where some of the classic Mario stuff starts to kick in, everywhere you go there seems to be some remixed Mario music, it is also very well blended into the scenarios. The sound effects are very nicely done too. No real errors here so 10/10.

An artwork from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Gameplay 9/10
Very nice gameplay although the outside battle controls do get a tad annoying although definitely not hard just annoying. The battle system has a little adopted from Paper Mario although most has been taken from Super Mario RPG. The Bros. attacks are a nice addition and are easy to control so nothing wrong there. Mini-games are abundant in this game and are also very fun to play, some should have their own game. Apart from the sometimes outside battle control system it is top quality.

Replay Value 8/10
Well there is some value in playing it again but not much. This being said there is a good amount of game time and things to collect during the game to give you a good quality play. The game took me 15 hours to complete not including dying from bosses and all (3 hours worth) so about 18 hours in whole and I beat it at a low level and with the minimum amount of items. Good value the first time round to give it a 8/10.

Well hell, why don't you have it already get out to your local game store and buy the game.

Final score: 10/10An artwork from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Averaged: 9/10
Overall Marks: 44/50

Definitely for any Mario game or a RPG'er that likes some action built into their game. A worthy addition to the Mario RPG series.

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