Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Cheats & Tips (Game Boy Advance)

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GameBoy Advance) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga on the GBA

Whoohoo Hooniversity: Statue puzzle:
In the room with the assortment of statues (which have either red or blue balls in the middle). You must hit the statues in the order shown below to be successful. R Stands for red statue and B stands for blue statue.


Second time round use this order instead:


To defeat Koopalings
Try to make sure Luigi is faster than Mario at the time, then use the Thunder Hand Bros. Attack as your first offensive move, this takes down their defences dramatically, then finish 'em off with a barrage of Bros. attacks.

To defeat Queen Bean
Here's how to defeat Queen Bean, use Mario's jump attack on the right arm of her, the weakest part of Queen Bean is her arms, Luigi should then use his hammer attack to give her a bit of a beating. If Queen Bean gets close she is dangerous, so keep knocking her back. Queen beans first attack will be a shockwave attack, try your best to dodge them and repeat this cycle, after six hits on her right arm it will shrink, Then take out her left arm, be warned though, once the right arm shrinks the shockwaves come faster (but are less deadly). Once her left arm is taken down the crown of Queen Bean will fall off. She'll then begin firing a barrage of lima beans (enough to destroy even the most fat of plumbers). Then continue to beat her up with hammer and jump attacks, the crown will go back on her head, repeat the cycle and that's it she's beaten.

Defeating bosses
The best starting move when your against a boss is to use Luigi's Thunder Bro's attack to weaken there defences straight away, Then the finishing move should generally come from Mario using his Splash. Bros and Luigi using his Bounce Bros. attack. You may need to heal once or twice during the battle. This is especially helpful if your at Bowser's castle fight a Koopaling with a time bomb.

Here's looking at you kid
If you go into Castle Town using the gate to the east, there's some dude leaning against a building, Walk just in front of him and you'll notice his winking at you, not very helpful? hehe.. It's something to do..

The statistics and abbreviations, what they mean.
HP: Your health
BP: Bros. points for special moves
POW: How much damage you can inflict
DEF: How much damage you can sustain
SPEED: Whether you have more/less than your opponent dictates whether you go first or second.
STACHE: More of this, the higher your odds of a lucky strike, you can get better deals at shops with this.

DonkeyKong's remains
In the skeleton ship you will play a barrel mini-game, look carefully at the skeleton... could it really be DonkeyKong?

The Legend of the seven stars lives on
Inside the arcade in Little FungiTown there is a mini game, in which you can see Geno in the corner of it.

Just like the good old days
In Bowsers Castle there is a paper Bowser which is hung up by strings, and just like in SMB the original, there is a little axe right by its side.

Itsa me Wario!
In the Yoshi theatre there is a poster of Wario on the wall

Changing an areas theme song by Coldkiller

One of the secrets are changing a theme song in an area. Just go to a town with your favourite song and go to a green pipe. Make Mario small and enter the pipe to whatever area you want to go except Jokes End. Another is to get a lot of hoo beans well this isn't a secret, but head toward to surfing  game island. Then play it, but jump 2 sec. before each balloons (This makes it easier to win). Another is how to use advance on bros. technique. Before doing the second jump or what ever is second on a technique hit both a and b at the same time to do double the damage.


Cash Tip by Coldkiller

To get a lot of cash, you need the best item from starbuk cafe. Just get all the beantea if you don't have it. Equip it to anyone then fight a lot of bomb enemies at the beach and tanoombas near Yoshi theatre or the gates at the cave. When you beat them they drop any amount of red or green peppers. After you get at least 99 of each you should have 9999 bean coins!!!


Free Health by Coldkiller
There are some enemies that flee away if you do some technique to them. For bomb enemies before they attack, then they will come toward you hit the ground with both Mario and Luigi's hammer as they walk to you. They will explode and you wont get hurt. Another is the golem's in Jokes End. This doesn't this doesn't work all the time. Use Mario's Fire attack on them. If it works their hair explodes on fire and they flee away. This enemy wont flee or die ,but its neat though. The cactus enemy will sometimes attack with a mushroom so grab it for free health!


How to beat bosses easily by Coldkiller

Just use Luigi's thunder bros. techniques on them. Their defence will drop dramatically. This helps beating the kooplings. Note this won't work on cackletta in any battle.

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