Mario Kart (Wii) Artwork including a massive selection of characters and karts
Rendered Artwork

Mario Kart Wii logo small

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Characters & Karts

Baby Mario Driving Kart

Baby Mario holding on for dear life as his kart jolts forwards aggressively!


Baby Peach In kart

Baby Peach controlling her kart pretty well... for a baby!


Bowser Driving Car

Donkey Kong Driving Kart And Holding Red Shell

Donkey Kong failed to read the "please remain seated during the race" rule.


Koopa Troopa In The Kart

Koopa Troopa wielding his notorious triple green shells.


Luigi On Motorcycle Mario Lobbing Bob Omb
Luigi doing a wheelie on his motorbike. Mario preparing to throw a Bob omb.

Mario Drifting In Kart

Mario takes a sharp corner with grim determination.


Mario Tricking On Motorcycle

Mario performing a jump-stunt on his motorbike.


Peach Driving Motocycle

Peach looking focused as she takes a corner on her sports bike.


Toad Driving Car

Toad cheering as he rounds the corner in his little buggy.


Waluigi On Motocycle

Waluigi, Born to ride.


Wario Driving Kart

Wario in his traditional Yellow and White kart.


Yoshi On Motocycle

Yoshi on his motorbike.


The Big Boys

Bowser Standing Next To Kart

Bowser standing next to his Kart.

Donkey Kong Next To Kart Dry Bowser Next To His Kart
Donkey Kong & his Kart Dry Bowser & his kart
Funky Kong Next To His Kart King Boo Next To His Kart
Funky Kong and his kart King Boo and his kart
Rosalina Next To Her kart Waluigi Next To His Kart
Rosalina and his kart Waluigi and his kart
Wario Next To His Kart  
Wario and his kart  


Middleweight racers

Birdo Next To Her Kart Bowser Jr Next To His kart
Birdo and his/her Kart Bowser Jr and his kart
Diddy Kong Next To His Kart Princess Diasy Next To Her Kart
Diddy Kong and his kart Princess Daisy and her kart
Princess Peach Next To Her kart Yoshi Next To His Kart
Princess Peach and her kart Yoshi and his kart
Luigi Next To His Kart
Luigi standing proudly next to his green kart.
Mario Next To His Kart
Mario looking defiant next to his kart.

Small & Lightweight Characters and their Karts.

Baby Diasy Next To Her kart Baby Luigi Next To His Kart
Baby Daisy & her kart Baby Luigi and his kart
Baby Mario Next To His Kart Baby Peach Next To Her Kart
Baby Mario and his kart Baby Peach and her kart
Koopa Next To His Kart Toadette Next To Her Kart
Koopa Troopa and his kart Toadette and her kart

Toad Next To His Kart

Toad next to his kart waving.

Misc Supporting Artwork

Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi holding Wii Wheels from the games box art.


Mario and Luigi on their bikes

Mario and Luigi performing stunts on their motorbikes with the Mario Kart Wii logo.


Circuit group image artwork

A race scene on what appears to be Mario Circuit.


Items & Objects


A Giant Banana.



A Giant Blooper, prepare for ink on those windscreens! Nothing worse!


Bob Omb Walking

Bob-omb walking innocently, a brutal explosion only a few ticks away.


Bullet Bill

A bullet bill.


Fake Item Box

A fake question block, its highly recommended that you don't try to pick up the treasures that aren't inside.


Golden Mushroom

The Golden Mushroom, allows you to boost unlimited times for a short period.


Green Shell

Green Shell, the staple projectile of the Mario Kart series.


Item Box

A real question block, that does contain items & powerups and doesn't leave you in ruin.


Mega Mushroom

A Giant Mushroom.



A Super Mushroom, which allows you one boost.



The POW Block can be a destructive item to anyone around you.


Red Shell

A Red Shell aka Heatseeker which pursues enemies using the heat from their engines.


Spiny Shell

The winged menace that is the blue shell. Destroying the successful since Wii-era.



The Star of Invincibility.


Thunder Cloud Smiling

Lightning Stormcloud.


The lightning powerup, same opponents, half the size!


Triple Bananas

A triple Banana powerup.


Triple Green Shells

Triple Green shells.


Triple Mushrooms

Triple Boosts.


Tripple Red Shells

Triple Red Heatseeker Shells!


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