Mario Kart 64 Artwork including Cup Icons, Concept Art, Character & Kart art
Rendered Artwork

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Characters in their Karts

Bowser Driving Kart

Bowser in his kart


Donkey Kong Driving Kart

Donkey Kong in his kart

Donkey Kong Driving Kart

Donkey Kong in his kart, alternate.

Luigi Driving Kart

Luigi in his Kart


Mario Driving Kart

Mario in his Kart


Mario In His Kart

Mario in his Kart, alternate.


Mario Driving His Kart

Mario takes a sharp corner in his Kart.


Mario With Thumbs Up In His Kart

Mario gives the thumbs up.

Peach Driving Kart

Peach in her Kart, looking a little shocked.


Princess Peach Driving Kart

Peach takes a sharp corner with grim determination.


Toad Fall Out His Kart

Toad, no longer one with his kart & rapidly ascending.


Wario Driving Kart

Wario in his Kart


Yoshi In His Kart

Yoshi in his Kart.


Icons: Cups, Items etc.


Banana Cup Banana Bunch Cup
Banana Banana Bunch
Boo Cup Fake item Box Cup
Boo Fake Item Block
Mushroom Cup Green Shell Cup
Boost Mushroom Green Shell
Red Shell Cup Spiny Shell Cup
Red Shell aka Heatseeker! Spiny Blue Shell
Super Mushroom Cup Super Star Cup
Super Mushroom Super Star
Tripple Green Shell Cup Thunder Bolt Cup
Triple Green Shells Lightning Powerup
Triple Mushrooms Cup Triple Red Shell Cup
Triple Boost Mushrooms Triple Red Shells

Cup Icons/Logos

Flower Cup Mushroom Cup
Flower Cup logo Mushroom Cup logo
Special Cup Star Cup
Special Cup logo Star Cup logo


Misc/Other artwork

American version of the logo

Mario Kart 64 logo


Chinese poster

A Japanese Poster advertising Mario Kart 64


Chinese version of the logo

The Japanese logo for Mario Kart 64


Club Circuit cover

Another Japanese Poster advertising Mario Kart 64


DK's Jungle Parkway

Mario and Donkey Kong go head to head on DK's Jungle Parkway


Donkey Kong throwing Banana Peels at Luigi

Luigi falls foul of DK's Banana Peels


Five of the racers

An artwork featuring Wario, Bowser, Mario, Peach (and Toad in the background)


Kalimari Desert

Wario gets destroyed by the Barrell Train in Kalimari Desert, Mario and Toad manage to evade the same fate.


Magazine advert

A Mario Kart 64 "Keep Road Rage Off The Streets" poster featuring Peach and Wario.


Original Soundtrack Cover

The Japanese Cover for the Mario Kart 64 OST CD


Race Tracks cover

The Western Cover for the Mario Kart 64 soundtrack


Sherbet Land

Mario, Wario and Luigi getting penguined, while Toad looks like he has already been written off.


The racers and Lakitu

A chaotic looking group scene from Mario Kart 64


Toad and Mario Battle

Mario bursts one of Toads bubbles in battle mode


Wario ramming Peach

There it is again, that Peach and Wario rivalry. I think he likes her!

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