Mario Drama Island: Episode 2

(Back at the thousand foot cliff) 

Ballyhoo: Okay, the challenge is to jump off this thousand foot cliff into the safety zone. 

Birdo: That's not too bad. 

Ballyhoo: If you land in the danger zone, plenty of sharks will eat you up. 

Flurie: Excuse me? 

Ballyhoo: For each team member that lands in the safe zone, the team will earn one point. The team that gets the most points wins today's mystery prize, and immunity. As for the losing team, they must vote off on who should be sent home.

Birdo: Oh wow. So who wants to go first? 

Wario: Ladies first. 

Birdo: Okay, i have no problem jumping of the cliff in the shark water. (Jumps off the cliff) 

Bowser Jr: My turn! (Jumps off) Yeah! 

Ingrid: (Jumps off) Look out below! 

Wario: (Jumps off) (Silent) 

DK: I don't think i can do it. 

Ballyhoo: How come? I saw you swinging vines, and jumping off cliffs one time. 

DK: But not this one. I'm just...afraid. 

Ballyhoo: Aww, thats okay, big guy...unfortunatly that makes you a chicken, so you have to wear this chicken hat for the rest of the day. (Puts a chicken hat on DK's head) Now please take the chicken escalator. 

DK: (Goes down the chicken escalator) 

Ballyhoo: Next! 

Waluigi: (Jumps off) Yehaw! 

Luigi: (Jumps off) Yahoo! (Hits his leg while going down) OWW! 

Ballyhoo: Ouch! That outta leave a mark. 

Gombella: Excuse me Ballyhoo, but i'm a goomba. And goombas are afraid of water. 

Ballyhoo: I understand. You can chicken out if you want, but it'll cost your team a point. 

Gombella: Nonsence. I doubt the other team will jump. 

Ballyhoo: Suit yourself. (Puts a chicken hat on Gombella) So that's eight jumpers and two chickens. We're missing one. 

Vivian: I am not going to jump without Mowz! 

Mowz: We have to be on the same team! Please! 

Both: Pretty please?! 

Daisy: I'll switch places with her. 

Ballyhoo: Fine. Mowz, you're on the Koopas. Daisy, you're on the Goombas. 

Vivian and Mowz: YAY! 

Ballyhoo: That means you're up, girls. 

Vivian and Mowz: HERE WE COME, KILLER KOOPAS! (Both jump off) 

Ballyhoo: So thats 9 jumpers and 2 chickens. Screaming Goombas, let's see you beat that. Who's up? 

Fran: Forget it. I am not doing this. 

Toadette: How come? 

Fran: Hello? National T.V. I'll get my hair wet. 

Rosalina: You're kidding. Right? 

Peach: If she's not doing it, i'm not doing it. 

Flurrie: Nu-uh. She's jumping off. 

Fran: Say's who? 

Flurrie: Says me! We are not going to lose this challenge! Got it? 

Fran: At least i'm beautiful. 

(All the campers were shocked) 

Flurrie: You are jumping off! 

Fran: Try me. 

(Flurrie blew hard at Fran, causing her to fall off in the safety zone, along with Flurrie.) 

Fran: Flurrie, you are so dead. 

Peach: (Jumps off) AAAAA! 

Rosalina: (Jumps off) GAHHHH! 

Koops: (Jumps off) HELP! 

Daisy: (Jumps off) YAHOO! YEAH! 

Rawk: (Jumps off, but lands in the danger zone) 

Koops: Rawk Hawk! Swim for your life! 

(The sharks come near Rawk, but Rawk turned around, making the sharks glance at him with awek, putting him back on shore.) 

Toadette: I can't do it. I'm to scared. Sorry. 

Ballyhoo: (Puts a chicken hat on Toadette) 

Peach: Well that's lame. 

Trevor: Here i come. (Jumps off) YEHAW! 

Toad: (Jumps off) WHOA! 

Ballyhoo: (On the megaphone) Okay campers! There is only one more camper to jump, and that's Mario. You all need him to win. 

[Mario: I remember jumping off a bunch of clips, but i'd never imagined jumping off this one.] 

[Yoshi: I see Mario shaking a bit. There is no way he can make it.] 

[Rosalina: I actually thought if Mario jumps...he's gonna die.] 

Mario: I am going to die now. I am totally going to die. (Jumps off) WHOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA! 

Ballyhoo: (On the megaphone) The winners are the screaming goombas! As for the mystery prize, you get a wicked hot tub party! 

Trevor: That was great, Mario...What's wrong? 

Mario: I think i lost my swimming trunks.

(Back at the lounge, the Goombas were over-joying their victory, as the Koopas were thinking on who should be sent home.) 

Mowz: This is lame. What should we do now? 

Gombella: We need to figure out on who to vote off. 

Wario: I think it should be the wussy goomba, or the big ape. 

Gombella: WAIT! How come? 

Wario: Because you both didn't even jump off the cliff. Though we need a bit of strength on our team, so i'll fancy the odds with the big ape. 

Gombella: But i want to stay! 

Birdo: Then who do you want to vote off? 

Gombella: What about him? (Points at Bowser Jr) 

Bowser: NO! 

(Everybody hears Bowser) 

Bowser: Uh, there is no more sloppy joes! Gosh darn it! 

Waluigi: Hey, we never heard of Goombas who are afraid of water. You were just making that up. 

Goombella: Am not! 

Luigi: I think it's a perfect idea to get rid of the girls. 

(Everybody gasped) 

Mowz: What did he just said? 

Luigi: By my strategy, i must get rid of the girls one by one. No girls means better wins. 

Ingrid: (Picks up Luigi) So you're saying that i'm a weakling?! 

Luigi: (Gulp) Not really. 

Ingrid: (Puts Luigi down) 

Luigi: Still, it might be a good idea to get rid one of the girls. 

Vivian: Hey, you were the one playing in the dirt! 

Yoshi: Everybody settle down, now. Look let's just vote off on somebody who we think is not worthy being on our team. 

Bowser Jr: Though at least boys are not more smarter than girls. 

Luigi: But they are. 

(We now go to the bonfire ceremony. It was dark, and the eleven campers were sitting on logs. Ballyhoo was holding a tray of marshmallows.) 

Waluigi: Luigi, you have got to learn alot about the real world. 

Luigi: I'm not listening to you. 

Ballyhoo: Campers, I have ten marshmallows on this tray. Whoever has a marshmallow will be safe. Whoever doesn't have a marshmallow is eliminated, and must now take the Pipe of Losers that will take them to the Loser castle, and they will not set foot in the camp again...EVER! 

(All the campers were nervous) 

Ballyhoo: You have all casted your votes, and i can now reveal that the first person to get their marshmallow is...Yoshi. 

Yoshi: (Smiles) 

Ballyhoo: Bowser Jr. 

Bowser Jr: Yahoo! 

Ballyhoo: Mowz. 

Mowz: Yay. 

Ballyhoo: Birdo. 

Birdo: Cool. 

Ballyhoo: Waluigi. 

Waluigi: Yeah! Awesome! 

Ballyhoo: DK. 

DK: Oh goodie. 

Ballyhoo: Vivian. 

Vivian: YAY! This is awesome! 

Ballyhoo: Ingrid. 

Ingrid: Not a shocker. 

Ballyhoo: Wario. 

Wario: He he he! 

Ballyhoo: Campers, this is the final marshmallow. 

(We cut to Luigi and Gombella, who are very very nervous.) 

(Ballyhoo smirks, Luigi's teeth was chattering, and Goombella was sweating.) 

Ballyhoo: Gombella! 

Goombella: Phew... 

(Goombella grabbed her marshmallow. Luigi groaned and was a bit angry.) 

Ballyhoo: Can't say i'm shocked. I saw you playing in the dirt, dude. Not cool. (Walked toward Luigi) The Pipe of Losers is that way, bro. 

(Luigi puts his hands in his overalls as he walked away, not glancing at his team.) 

Ballyhoo: As for the rest of you, congratulations. You are all safe...for tonight. 

(We now see Luigi going down the Pipe of Losers) 

[Rosalina: Yep. This camp pretty much still stinks. But now that i'm hear, i guess i might as well try to win.] 

(We now go to the Screaming Goombas, who were enjoying their victory at the hot tub.) 

Koops: Cheers to the Screaming Goombas! 

(The screaming Goombas cheered, as Flurrie, Trevor and Mario were dancing. The remaining ten Killer Koopas walked back to camp. Gombella turned to the camera.) 

Gombella: (Looks at the camera) Ladies and gentlemen, you may see me get the last marshmallow, but i am still going to win this thing! Just watch... 


Voting results: 

Luigi (9): Ingrid, Gombella, Mowz, Vivian, Yoshi, Bowser Jr, Birdo, DK, Waluigi. 
Gombella (2): Luigi, Wario.

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