Mario Drama Island Episode 1 Part 1

(Standing on the boat pier was a watch-a-machalet with a weird hat, who goes by the name of MC Ballyhoo)

Ballyhoo: Welcome, one and all to the Mushroom Kingdom Campsite called Camp Mushroom. I am your host, MC Ballyhoo, and what a show we have for you tonight.

(The scene changes to the bonfire ceremony, that has 11 logs for the campers to sit on.)

Ballyhoo: So here's the deal. Twenty-Two Mario characters will be staying here for eight weeks. Alot of them are real Mario characters, but a few of them are newcomers. Anyways, each three days, one camper will be eliminated, as long as they don't have these (Holds up a tray of marshmallows) they will be taking the Pipe of Losers that will take them to the Loser castle.

(We go back to the boat dock.)

Ballyhoo: Who will crumble under the pressure? Find out in the first episode of...Mario Drama Island!

(Intro Plays)

Ballyhoo: Welcome back to Mario Drama Island. Any second now, our first Mario star will be arriving soon. (Sees the boat) And our second is up.

(The boat drops off a small pink pony-tailed girl with a pink dress, and a mushroom on her head.)

Ballyhoo: Toadette! Welcome to Camp Mushroom!

Toadette: MC Ballyhoo! Im so happy to see you...though you look much shorter in real life.

Ballyhoo: Uh, thanks.

(Another boat drops off a gorilla with a red tie.)

Ballyhoo: DK! What up, dog?

DK: Yo, Ballyhoo. Mind if i call you MC?

Ballyhoo: Whichever is fine. If you can stand next to Toadette over there?

DK: (Looks around) This place looks much fancier in the application form.

(Another boat drops off a blonde lady with a green dress.)

Ballyhoo: Hey, Rosalina.

Rosalina: Um, this is not what i signed up for.

Ballyhoo: Unfortunatly you have. (Takes out the contract) See, your name is signed right here.

Rosalina: But i didn't sign it.

Ballyhoo: Yes you did.

Rosalina: Whatever. Im out of here.

Ballyhoo: Good. I hope you can swim, because your ride has just left.

Rosalina: (Sees her boat leave) Great.

(The next person was a green dinosaur with a big nose.)

Yoshi: Hiya, Ballyhoo. Wow, this island is way too awesome than mine.

Ballyhoo: It's an honor too meet you, Yoshi.

Yoshi: Thanks, man.

Rosalina: If i hear "man" one more time, i'm gonna puke.

(The next person was another blonde lady, and this time, she has accesories, and she is wearing a pink dress.)

Ballyhoo: Everybody, this is Princess Toadstool.

Peach: Hi everyone. You can call me Peach if you want. (Turns to Ballyhoo) Have we met somewhere?

Ballyhoo: The name is Ballyhoo. The host of the show.

Peach: Oh, right.

(Then a newbie came out of the boat. She has black hair, a black dress, and sunglasses, which she took off, and her eyes looked evil.)

Ballyhoo: Fran the man. Whats up?

(After hearing that comment, Fran grabbed Ballyhoo, angrily.)

Fran: I am a girl! Don't ever call me a man!

Ballyhoo: Eh, sure thing.

Fran: (Let's go of Ballyhoo)

Yoshi: Way to make a first impression.

Fran: Shut it!

(Then a fat man came out of the boat. He had purple overalls, a yellow shirt, a big nose, and a moustache.)

Ballyhoo: What's up, Wario?

Wario: I don't like surprises.

Ballyhoo: Just letting you know your brother Waluigi will be coming on this show as well.

Wario: Alright! (Turns to Fran) See you in the finals, baby!

Fran: Eww, you're disgusting. (Pause) I like that.

(Another camper arrived, and it was a tall skinny man with a purple shirt, a purple cap, and purple overalls.)

Ballyhoo: Speaking of which, your brother is here right now, Wario.

Wario: Hey, Waluigi!

Waluigi: So let me guess. We are staying in this camp for eight weeks living in boredom.

Ballyhoo: Yep.

Waluigi: Alright.

(Another camper arrived, and it was a small koopaling with a bandana around his neck, and also has a ponytail.)

Ballyhoo: Ladies and gentlemen, Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr: Hiya, Ballyhoo. (Turns to Peach) And hello to you, mama Peach.

Peach: (Takes out her pepper spray)

(Now we see another newbie. He has surfing blonde hair, a white tanktop, blue pants, and a gold chain around his neck.)

Ballyhoo: Contestant number nine is Trevor.

Trevor: It's great to meet you, Ballyhoo. I saw you hosting Mario Party 8. It was wicked.

Ballyhoo: Thanks.

Trevor: (Looks around) So...this is it? Okay then.

(Trevor stood next Rosalina, who smiled at her, but Rosalina turned away. And while Trevor isn't looking, Rosalina smiled back at him.)

(The next camper was a pink dinosaur with a big mouth.)

Birdo: Hey guys.

Ballyhoo: Hey, Birdo. Welcome to Camp Mushroom.

Birdo: Oh. I thought this was Yoshi's Island.

Yoshi: It is, to us.

Birdo: (Blushes)

(Now we see a short guy with a mushroom on his head, and he was wearing a blue vest.)

Ballyhoo: Our next camper is Toad.

Toad: Did you get the memo about my favorite music?

Ballyhoo: Sure did.

Toad: What is this place anyways?

Wario: Probably Toadworth's play area. (Laughs)

(We now see a purple ghost with white hair, and a pear necklace.)

Flurrie: What up, y'all? Flurrie is in the house!

Waluigi: Whoa!

Ballyhoo: Everyone, this is Flurrie.

Flurrie: Sup?

Waluigi: Hey Flurrie, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?

Flurrie: (Angry) Are you saying i am fat?

Waluigi: Uh, no that is not what i sai-

Flurrie: Yeah? Well you have to eat more! You are getting thinner by the second!

Waluigi: Uh, yeah.

(Now we see two more campers. One who is a dark purple ghost with a white and red hat on, and one who is a tiny white mouse with a red eyecap on.)

Ballyhoo: Welcome, Vivian and Mowz, to your new home.

Vivian: (Looks around) Eeek! Mowz, it's a summer camp!

Mowz: OMG, i always wanted to go to a summer camp!

Vivian: You mean us?

Mowz: Yeah!

(Another camper arrived, and it was a moustached man with blue overalls, and a green shirt.)

Ballyhoo: Luigi, what's up man?

Luigi: (Looks up) I see a bunch of clouds with smiley faces.

Ballyhoo: Look Luigi, I know you don't get out much that being over-confident, but try not to get kicked out too early. Okay?

Luigi: Okey dokey.

(Now we see a blue shelled koopa with a bandage on his nose)

Ballyhoo: Koops. The koopster. The koop-meister.

Koops: Glad to be here. Thankfully i dumped my old girlfriend so i can find a new one here.

Flurrie: Not a word, Koops.

(Now we see a green shy-guy, who's mask was all tough.)

Ballyhoo: Everybody, this is Ingrid.

(Ingrid dropped her luggage on Koops foot.)

Koops: Oww! What do have in there? Dumbells?

Ingrid: Yes.

DK: Note to self, stay away from Ingrid.

(Now we see a moustached man with blue overalls, and a red shirt.)

Mario: Woo hoo! Ballyhoo, what's happening?

Ballyhoo: Well well well, if it isn't the star of the show. Mario!

Mario: This is

Rosalina: Cool?

Mario: Yeah. Cool!

(Another camper arrived, and it was goomba with a knight's helmet on her head, and she has a blonde ponytail.)

Ballyhoo: (Helps Goombella off) Everyone, this is Goombella.

Goombella: Well hi everyone. You all look lovely.

Wario: Yek! I'm not interested.

Goombella: Yeah well (Pause) Oh my.

(Another camper arrived, and it was a yellow muscular bird with black eyes.)

Ballyhoo: This is Rawk Hawk. Welcome to Mario Drama Island.

Rawk: Heh, thank you very much. I am ready to RAWK!

Peach: Wow. You look very strong.

Rawk: Why thank you.

Ballyhoo: Just so you know we picked you on your fame.

Rawk: I can live with that.

(And finally, we see a brunette with a yellow dress.)

Daisy: Hi! (Trips off the boat and hits her chin)

Rawk: That outta leave a mark.

Daisy: (Gets up) That was awesome! Can i do that again?

Luigi: Good call.

Ballyhoo: Well, that's everyone. First things first, we need a group photo for the promos. Everyone at the end of the dock.

(Everybody did so.)

Ballyhoo: Okay, 3...2...1...Oops. I forgot to take the lense cap off. And the card is full.

Flurrie: Come on, my face is starting to freeze.

Ballyhoo: Got it. Everybody say, STAR POWER!

Everyone: STAR POWER!

(Then the dock broke, and the photo shown everybody wet.)

Ballyhoo: (Laughs) Perfect.

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