Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Mario and Luigi: PIT

Release dates

Australia February 22, 2006
Europe February 10, 2006
Japan December 29, 2005
N.America November 28, 2005


General information

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developed by AlphaDream

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single player




If you thought their last adventure was insane? In this sequel to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the brothers travel back in time to retrieve Princess Peach, only to come face to face with baby versions of themselves, the princess and Bowser.


Teaming up with their young selves will soon send Mario and Luigi on a quest of lunatic proportions as players must control both the adult AND baby versions of the Mushroom Kingdom heroes.


Players use the top screen to study the land, keep track of the pair of brothers not under their control or maximize combo moves in battle. With twice the Mario brothers and twice the laughs, this massive side-splitting adventure could only find a home on the dual screens of the Nintendo DS.


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