Super Mario Desktop Wallpaper from Gameboy Advance games
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Desktop Wallpapers from all of your favourite Mario games on the Game Boy Advance, consisting of loads of high quality desktop wallpaper by Nintendo, in resolutions from 640x480 to 1920x1200 - we have also tried to accommodate resolutions that may be in use by people with widescreen monitors and iPhones etc. If you have any wallpapers we are missing please do send them in, it doesn't have to be an official Nintendo wallpaper either, the work of fans is always more than welcome.


Dr. Mario & Puzzle League

Title Resolution Size
Dr. Mario 800x600 154kb
Peach 800x600 154kb
Peach 1024x768 223kb
Puzzle League 800x600 141kb
Puzzle League 1024x768 503kb

Mario Party Advance

Title Resolution Size
Party 800x600 105kb
Party 1024x768 128kb
Party 1280x1024 134kb

Mario Pinball Land

Title Resolution Size
Bowser 800x600 156kb
Bowser 1024x768 207kb
Bowser 1280x1024 276kb
Mario 800x600 195kb
Mario 1024x768 169kb
Mario (2) 800x600 316kb
Mario (2) 1024x768 202kb
Mario (3) 800x600 186kb
Mario (3) 1024x768 168kb
Pinball Land 800x600 312kb
Pinball Land 1024x768 318kb

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Title Resolution Size
Donkey Kong 800x600 487kb
Donkey Kong 1024x768 239kb
Mario 800x600 571kb
Mario 1024x768 240kb
Mini's 800x600 326kb
Mini's 1024x768 246kb

Mario Golf: Advance Tour

Title Resolution Size
Advance Tour 800x600 329kb
Advance Tour 1024x768 335kb
Peach 800x600 272kb
Peach 1024x768 308kb

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Title Resolution Size
Beach 800x600 74kb
Beach 1024x768 100kb
Bowser 800x600 321kb
Bowser 1024x768 455kb
Desert 800x600 102kb
Desert 1024x768 140kb
Donkey Kong 800x600 140kb
Donkey Kong 1024x768 186kb
Dusk 800x600 92kb
Dusk 1024x768 125kb
Ice 800x600 86kb
Ice 1024x768 117kb
Luigi 800x600 135kb
Luigi 1024x768 218kb
Mario 800x600 129kb
Mario 1024x768 209kb
Rainbow 800x600 107kb
Rainbow 1024x768 144kb
Toad 800x600 120kb
Toad 1024x768 191kb

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Title Resolution Size
Local Heroes 800x600 139kb
Local Heroes 1024x768 201kb
Superstar Saga 1024x768 181kb
Superstar Saga 1280x1024 257kb
Polaroids 800x600 177kb
Polaroids 1024x768 240kb
Suitcase 800x600 154kb
Suitcase 1024x768 217kb

Mario Tennis: Power Tour

Title Resolution Size
Alex 800x600 143kb
Alex 1024x768 194kb
Harry 800x600 144kb
Harry 1024x768 193kb
Kate 800x600 146kb
Kate 1024x768 198kb
Kevin 800x600 144kb
Kevin 1024x768 195kb
Luigi 800x600 169kb
Luigi 1024x768 252kb
Mario 800x600 179kb
Mario 1024x768 273kb

Super Mario Advance: Super Mario Bros. 2

Title Resolution Size
Super Mario Advance 800x600 133kb
Super Mario Advance 1024x768 282kb

Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World

Title Resolution Size
Scene 800x600 492kb
Scene 1024x768 747kb
Luigi 800x600 246kb
Luigi 1024x768 377kb
Mario 800x600 247kb
Mario 1024x768 379kb
Yoshi 800x600 251kb
Yoshi 1024x768 391kb

Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island

Title Resolution Size
Baby Mario 1024x768 168kb
Blargg 1024x768 205kb
Koopa Troopa 1024x768 176kb
Naval Piranha 1024x768 207kb
Shy Guy 1024x768 188kb
Toadies 1024x768 210kb

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

Title Resolution Size
Super Mario Bros. 3 800x600 517kb
Super Mario Bros. 3 1024x768 193kb

Yoshi Topsy Turvy

Title Resolution Size
Yoshi 800x600 115kb
Yoshi 1024x768 196kb
Yoshi (2) 800x600 161kb
Yoshi (2) 1024x768 223kb
Yoshi (3) 800x600 164kb
Yoshi (3) 1024x768 216kb
Yoshi (4) 800x600 155kb
Yoshi (4) 1024x768 191kb
Yoshi (5) 800x600 122kb
Yoshi (5) 1024x768 173kb
Yoshi Boat 800x600 105kb
Yoshi Boat 1024x768 173kb

Wario Land 4

Title Resolution Size
Wario Land 4 800x600 191kb
Wario Land 4 1024x768 235kb

Wario Ware Inc: Mega Micro Games

Title Resolution Size
9 Volt 800x600 172kb
9 Volt 1024x768 215kb
Dr. Crygor 800x600 155kb
Dr. Crygor 1024x768 202kb
Dribblespitz 800x600 174kb
Dribblespitz 1024x768 230kb
Jimmy T 800x600 172kb
Jimmy T 1024x768 222kb
Katana 800x600 126kb
Katana 1024x768 168kb
Mona 800x600 158kb
Mona 1024x768 204kb
Orbulon 800x600 100kb
Orbulon 1024x768 132kb
Wario 800x600 163kb
Wario 1024x768 207kb

Wario Ware: Twisted

Title Resolution Size
9 Volt 800x600 359kb
9 Volt 1024x768 528kb
9 Volt 1280x1024 838kb
18 Volt 800x600 374kb
18 Volt 1024x768 554kb
18 Volt 1280x1024 839kb
Jimmy T 800x600 279kb
Jimmy T 1024x768 405kb
Jimmy T 1280x1024 578kb
Mona 800x600 298kb
Mona 1024x768 431kb
Mona 1280x1024 632kb
Twisted 800x600 229kb
Twisted 1024x768 333kb
Twisted 1280x1024 515kb
Wario 800x600 302kb
Wario 1024x768 635kb
Wario 1280x1024 437kb

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