Mario Artwork by Chris
Fan Art

A selection of Super Mario Bros artwork originally submitted to Super Mario Portal for the first time on 12th March 2004.


Right, Chris's staff avatar at


A dead Koopa by Chris (1.1kb)


Joker by Chris (2.7kb)


Joker humping Mario by Chris (3.6kb)


LordShyGuy by Chris (4.3kb)



Luke defeating the email by Chris (63kb)


Mario by Chris (43kb)


Mario Smashing the Block by Chris (35kb)


Sponge Mario by Chris (6.7kb)


Yoshi go Bye-Bye by Chris (9.9kb)



Yoshi X by Chris (26kb)


Zeon is dead by Chris (8.8kb)


Zim by Chris (15.3kb)


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