Donkey Kong Classics (NES)
Donkey Kong Classics

Release dates

Australia N/A
Europe October 15th, 1986
Japan July 15th, 1983
N.America June 21st, 1986

General information

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System

Developed by Nintendo R&D1

Published by Nintendo

Players: 1-2



Donkey Kong classics is a double-game cartridge featuring Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong is back in the Nintendo Arcade Classics series for your Nintendo Entertainment System. Save Pauline from the clutches of a giant ape who has taken her to the top of a huge construction site. You've gotta battle your way to the top, but its not going to be easy - Donkey Kong has a few tricks up his sleeve in the forms of barrels, barrel bombs and flaming fireballs amongst other ammunition.

A taste of the arcade, from the comfort of your own home!

Donkey Kong Jr
After defeating Donkey Kong in the original 'Donkey Kong' and becoming sick and tired of the infernal ape's paws being all over his girlfriend, Mario has took his revenge and captured Donkey Kong in a cage. His only hope for escape is in the form of Donkey Kong Jr.

In this game the player controls DK JR and Mario is the enemy. Jump across platforms, climb vines and avoid the traps and enemies which have been unleashed by Mario on your route to rescue Donkey Kong! There's no time for Monkey Business, get those keys back off Mario to rescue Donkey Kong from his cage.

Years after this original title another version of Donkey Kong Jr was released (2002) for the e-Reader (Game Boy Advance)


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