Casino Mario! Nintendo’s Love for Gambling Style Mini Games
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Casinos and casino games have featured in many popular video games genres across various gaming titles throughout the last few decades, non more so than in the different Super Mario games by Nintendo. These days with the advent of online casinos and also free Flash and HTML5 games, you can see more up to date versions of popular casino games that have made the transition over to digital format. Games such as lottery, poker, blackjack, roulette and even, check it out, craps - - have made their own online and video gaming debuts with complete success.

Bonus ChanceAs we mentioned, you may have noticed that in many Super Mario titles and Mario off-shoots Nintendo have based their mini games on casino style games, most notably one of the most popular games found in the casino, the slot machine. This can be due to the Japanese love of classic parlour games such as Pachinko Machines, a mechanical style of game that’s also very popular with casino players and pro gamblers. Additionally, it can be due to the fact that casino style slot machines are the simplest form of a ‘game of chance’, you pull the handle and try to match 3 symbols on the reel, a game style that works perfectly as a quick bonus or mini game.
Casino games feature across many Super Mario titles but slot games are still the most popular mini game type
 Konami Slots
Obviously these days the games found at casinos are more complex and have a number of dedicated special features. For instance, the slots made by Konami Gaming have progressive jackpots and multi line configurations and Taiwanese casino gaming company TSK also make ‘Mario Slot’, an arcade style Mario themed slot machine game that can be played by 1 player and found in amusement arcades. This is also a game on which you can win real money. Nintendo have used different styles of casino games as mini games throughout their Super Mario titles although slot type games remain the most prominent throughout the majority of the Mario games.

Mario trying to win some gold coinsSuper Mario Bros 2 had one of the first slot mini games, where you spent coins you found for the chance to win extra lives. The majority of subsequent Super Mario Bros title featured this mini game type as a bonus round of some sort. The Mario Party series on various Nintendo platforms has featured a casino style slot mini-game in most releases; ‘Slot Sync’, ‘Slot Trot’, and the ‘Slot-O-Whirl’ mini games are just some examples. As for other types of casino games, in Super Mario 64 DS you can play casino style mini-games such as Roulette, Slots and Video Poker. The Super Mario RPG released for the SNES in 1996 and available on the Wii store for virtual console, actually featured a casino where you could play slots and blackjack amongst other games of chance as a way to win extra coins for use during the game. Casino style slot games used as mini-games feature heavily throughout various Super Mario World releases also.
When casino games meet Nintendo arcade - Super Mario Bros Wii Coin World - competitive multiplayer slot gaming!
Nintendo’s love affair with games of chance and casinos runs deep and their history of dedicated arcade titles reads long and is a true testament to the entertainment prowess of the company. Now what do you get when you mix Super Mario, competitive multiplayer arcade and casino games? Well ‘Super Mario Bros Wii: Coin World’ is the answer. This curious game ‘Coin World’, developed by Capcom and Nintendo, is an arcade casino game that can be played by up to 4 players and is fed by tokens which you purchase separately. The game itself is a top down view arcade game with the screen divided into 4 separate mini screens, 1 per player. It seats 2 players per side of the machine and features a slot machine game mechanic throughout the entire game. Winning on the slot machine and also various random mini events allows you to win keys. Once you’ve collected 5 of these keys you play a mini game that consists of a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ style event against bowser to win a jackpot prize! Sadly, this game is only available in Japanese arcades presently.
Super Mario and casino games, a love story that Nintendo has steadily built upon through the years

So you see the relationship Nintendo has built up over time between Super Mario and casino games, at least 80% of Mario titles feature one sort of casino game of some sort, mostly for players to win bonus lives and extra coins, but in the case of games like Super Mario Bros Wii Coin World, alongside Capcom, Nintendo developed their own competitive multiplayer casino arcadeNew Super Mario Bros Will Slots game entertainment system. These types of casino mini-games have become synonymous with Mario, with most generations of players having played a Super Mario title featuring one or more of these games, be it slots, wheel of fortune, roulette or video poker.
Earning bonuses and power-ups outside of the main game has become a tradition in Mario games and games of chance are the perfect way to give player the opportunity to do so.  We see this continuing to be the case for some time due to Nintendo’s knowledge and expertise in player entertainment plus their skill in adapting popular casino and parlour games and integrating them naturally into the gaming landscapes they create.


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