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It is safe to say there have been a few Super Mario games released over the years. From Mario Kart to Mario Party, there have been countless titles for gamers to enjoy over the years. As the game production begins to develop and the consoles start to improve, the games only look as if they are getting better from here. There is definitely still a lot to look forward to in the Mario franchise.

One of the most beloved features on many Mario releases are the mini-games. Nearly every release has a few, and some are just as enjoyable as the main game. They are short in duration but still absolutely bursting with fun. If you have played different Mario games in the past, the chances are that one stands out as your favorite. But there are countless great mini-games created within the Mario franchise. But what are some of the best ones?


Bumper Balls

Bumper balls is a high-intensity game that never seems to lose its excitement. It was featured in several Mario Party titles. They included Mario Party 1, 2, The Top 100, and Superstars. Four players are put together on a small platform covered in grass. They must then battle it out, with the last one standing on the island becoming the victor. The players are placed on personalized balls, meaning the aim of the game is to knock opponents off theirs. The game is simple but undoubtedly one of the most fun. The formula to the game is timeless, which is why it still remains a classic to this day.


It’s understood that the Mario franchise may have gotten a small bit of inspiration for this one. The game follows the same rules as regular casino blackjack, with Luigi taking the role as the dealer. You would wager your hard-earned star coins and look to add to your balance. The game featured on New Super Mario Bros on Nintendo DS and was one of the most enjoyed games. They have a great variety of online casino games, some of which may even resemble these old Mario classics you used to enjoy.

Sizzling Steaks

If you were, or are, a fan of Cooking Mama games, it is likely that this mini-game stood out for you while playing. Featured on Super Mario Party, the game again is quite simple. The aim is to cook your steak properly. Luckily, you do not have to be a professional chef to master this game. The difficulty comes from the flipping. You need to be delicate with your tossing of the steak, as well as having a good time management system in place.  The first one to cook the six different sides for their steak wins. The game is frantic, and seeing people unable to flip a virtual cube of meat is quite entertaining, to say the least.

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