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Yoshi's Story (Nintendo 64) Item List

Yoshi's Story (Nintendo 64) - Item List

A list of all the items featured in Yoshi's Story (Nintendo 64)


Item name Description
Apple Pink and Red Yoshi's are very fond of this fruit. The apple is red(ish) in colour, and so are the Yoshi's that like it.. see a pattern?
Banana Yellow Yoshi's favourite fruit is the Banana. The colour of this fruit is again matched by the colour of the Yoshi who likes it.
Big Ball These balls, are renound as being used by Lemmy Koopa in SMB3, and the cartoon etc are used to help the Yoshi's Cross over larger pools of lava.
Big Yoshi Egg Within these eggs will be the next 'Yoshi Up' (a slightly better version than your current Yoshi), once found this needs to be carried to the end of the course in which it was found to be considered safe
Blue/Yellow Blocks Blue blocks can easily be broken when you jump and hit them, and Yellow blocks are soft, so if Yoshi throws eggs at them they can be broken too.
Bumper Ball Where Yoshi can't jump up just using normal jumping tactics, this bumper ball can be used to bounce Yoshi that little bit higher.
Chilli Pepper The white and black Yoshi varieties are the only kinds which can stomach these Red Hot Chilli Peppers (he he he)
Coin Yoshi gains a single point score increase.
Egg Block These are blocks which contains... yes.. racoons.. Nope eggs! You could get anywhere between 1 and 6 eggs out of these blocks depending on how many you have at the time.
Eggs Eggs can be thrown very quickly by Yoshi at enemies or obstacles, holding down Z and aiming is how to do it, if you aim right you'll hit, as Yoshi is very accurate.
Fruit Various different types of fruit are spread throughout the game, each Yoshi variety has a favourite, the overall favourite food of all the Yoshi's however is the Water Melon. As well as standard fruits, there are special ones which help Yoshi's gain powers, such as invincibility or Petals
Fruit Frame The fruit frame requires Yoshi to gather 30 fruit pieces, only standard fruits are counted here. After getting the 30 pieces you will proceed to the next level.
Fruit Tree This tree gives Yoshi fruit on the final stage, it is limited to giving him three of each fruit type though.
Grape This is another of the standard fruit types, particularly sought after by Blue/Purple Yoshi varieties.
Heart Finding all of these on each level (there's three on each) will enable Yoshi to not only gain score, but to unlock new levels.
Heart Fruit A special fruit, the powerful vitamins inside these fruits make Yoshi become invincible for a short period and have the ability to produce an unlimited amount of eggs.
Leaf Leaf's can be surfed on by Yoshi at certain points throughout the game.
Lucky Fruit When playing the first level of Story Mode or a Time Trial, this fruit is picked at random, all Yoshi varieties are very fond of this fruit.
Melon The favourite fruit of every Yoshi, if every melon throughout a level is collected, the background will become a melon (as opposed to a heart).
Melon Coin These coins will only appear for a limited period, so Yoshi has to grab them as quick as possible, they can be used to get more Melons.
Miss Warp Miss Warp can be awoken by jumping on her, but you have to wake up two before you can do anything, once two are awake, you can then warp from one to the next to save time.
Mystery Crate This crate can be broken by Yoshi, after all the fruit he eats I'm not surprised either, if two of these are pushed next to one another a Melon is given to Yoshi as a reward.
Peppers This is one of the few fruits (It's actually a vegetable) that Yoshi's don't like one bit, none of them do, it does Yoshi's more harm than good.
Power Bee When eaten this Bee will max-out Yoshi's Flower Meter
Power Flower When Yoshi is weak, eating this flower will restore petals to his flower meter, this is particularly useful because there is no limit to the number of times it can be used.
Power Tulip A smiling vegetable.. hmm why's he smiling you ask? Because his about to turn Yoshi into a big egg, after becoming an egg you can return to being a normal Yoshi (not in an egg) by pressing the B button.
Question Block Usually just contains coins as in most Mario games, sometimes contains a mini-game.
Question Bubble You have to throw an egg to burst these question bubbles, it will contain one of three things: an enemy, fruit, or item, its best to not gamble if your low on health, because you don't want to be busting enemies out....
Question Ball Go up to this ball and lick it, Yoshi will then mount the ball...
Turbo Tulip Using this Turbo Tulip Yoshi can become and egg that can shoot off in any direction and save you some time
Umbrella These Umbrellas could be the difference between a slowly floating downward Yoshi and a flattened dead Yoshi!
Warp Vase It does exactly what it says on the tin, going down into this vase will warp (yep you guessed it) Yoshi to an alternate location.
Water Melon This is the favourite fruit of the green variety of Yoshi.
White Shy Guy A friendly ShyGuy who will resurrect a fallen Yoshi, you will not see this ShyGuy unless a Yoshi has fallen.