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Wario World Review

Mario has always been the favourite with kids. He's friendly, funny and also very smart at the same. But come on – who wouldn’t love him. He’s so cute!

And you thought you knew everything about Mario, didn’t you? Well, you’re wrong, because there’s one side that he likes to keep secret, and never wants to let it out. Well we’ve come here now to discover what that is, and it can’t be said any simpler then – Mario has an evil twin brother!

King of jewels…and Wario is his name! Wario is, quite simply, Mario’s complete opposite. He loves money, he’s greedy and he basically wants everything for himself. He crown’s himself the “King of Jewels”, because he loves treasure. That’s Wario for you. He loves himself, and no body else. Which is where he comes into our story.

Wario World is based all on Wario (quote obviously), and our story starts when Wario has all the treasure he’s ever wanted, but then an evil monster (more evil than Wario), comes along and casts a spell which turns all of Wario’s treasure into monsters! Wario gets pissed at this (well, who wouldn’t be?), so he forces himself to go out and get his treasure back in the only way he knows how; how good ‘ol friend – BEAT EM UP!!

Mario fighting Dinomighty


Wario World is based on that topic, and that topic alone – beat em up. Basically all you have to do is go through levels, and beat up monsters to get money back, then beat the occasional boss. The levels do get harder, however, which means that you have to fight harder – non of this “button-bashing” crap. You need to know combinations, so you can perform eye-dazzling moves on your opponents to destroy them.

Some of Wario’s nice moves are:

  • Throws (once you’ve knocked them out, use the B button to pick up, then press it again to throw them)
  • The Corkscrew Conk (Press the R button to do a dash attack, then press the A button)
  • Piledriver (KO a monster, pick it up then press A to jump. While in the air, press R)
  • The Wild Swing-Ding (KO a monster, pick it up, and rotate the control stick)

Theses are some of Wario’s best moves to perform when you are out numbered.

Controls are otherwise, pretty simple. You can jump, punch, move in all directions ect. You can also suck up loose coins with the L button.
Be it simple, it’s still a good blend, and you’ll find the controls quite easy to use.

Wario World has some great graphics. The monsters really shine this part of the game, as they are all colourful and bright ect. The Gamecube’s engine is used nicely in this game, and it really shows. Everything seems to be so colourful, it really creates a nice atmosphere. Wario himself looks great, with a nice bright, yellow shirt and purple overalls.

All characters also seem to be very “stubby”, shall I say. Not that it’s a bad thing! It’s a great asset of the game, as it makes everything look so cute and cuddly. Wario looks very cute, I might add, when he climbs sticky balls. (Ok, that sentence did not sound good :P ). But you’ll see what I mean when you actually play the game for yourself. The visuals are really the main driving force for this game.

Wario going wild in a pile of treasure

The sound. Ahh, what to say, what to say. Well, one word for it is – REPETITVE. It may sound fun and happy, but you’ll not long find yourself saying “havn’t I heard that before?”. Yes, you will. It repeats over…and over…and over!
But on the positive side of things, it does sound nice. It blends right in with the visuals, creating a nice fun, happy land. Which I find weird, considering you are beating up monsters…

The effects for when you actually hit a monster are simple (again! This game is so simple!). It’s really nothing new to hear.

Altogether though, this really is one for the kids. I don’t think you’ll find yourself playing it if your 16/17 years +. Some may be intrigued whilst others will ignore it at first glance.

But! For those of you who are die hard Wario fans, then I suggest picking this one up.

All marks out of 10.
Visuals: 9
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 9

Overall: 9/10Wario sat with a pile of treasure
If you’re just a regular game player, I don’t really recommend this one. For Mario and Nintendo fans of the sort, you might be interested in this.

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