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After saving the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser and the rest of the Koopas in
Super Mario 3, Mario and Luigi needed to recuperate from their adventures.
Together they agreed that the best place to vacation was a magical place
called Dinosaur Land.

But while Mario and Luigi reclined on the beach for a relaxing nap, Princess
Toadstool disappeared, apparently seized by evil forces. After searching for
hours for their missing friend, Mario and Luigi came upon an enormous egg in
the forest.

Suddenly the egg hatched, and out popped a young dinosaur named YOSHI, who
proceeded to tell Mario and Luigi a sad tale of how his dinosaur pals who
were sealed in similar eggs by a group of monsterous turtles.

"Monsterous turtles!," exclaimed Luigi. "Bowser and his bunch have
returned!" Mario slowly nodded his head in agreement and, along with Luigi
and Yoshi, set off across Dinosaur Land to find the Princess and to free
Yoshi's friends. As they began their journey, Yoshi handed Mario a beautiful
cape. "This may help you," Yoshi said. "Some say it has magical powers."

With a little luck (and help from a magic cape), our hearty crew can defeat
the seven worlds of Bowser's Krazy Koopa Kritters. Many locations are
well-hidden so explore everywhere and try everything. Not all locations have
to be explored to rescue the dinosaurs and save Princess Toadstool, but
there are many "starry" treasures to be found in far-reaching places. You'll
need to search all areas to find out what kinds of treasure are there... in
Super Mario World.



You can use either of the Super NES COntroller sockets.

Control Pad

Map Screen
* Moves Mario on the map screen.
* After pressing START on the map screen, you can scroll
the map view.
* Moves the cursor.

Action Screen
* Moves Mario (See action chart for details.)

START Button
* Starts the game.
* Pauses the game.
* Enters selections on the selection screen.

* Changes selections on the selection screen.
* Drops reserve item from the box at the top of the screen.


L Button
R Button
* When in an action scene, the L and R Buttons can be used to scroll the
screen forward or backward slightly. This can be used to see farther ahead or
behind if needed. This function does NOT work in all areas.

A Button
* Makes Mario spin jump.
* Makes Mario jump off of Yoshi's back.

B Button
* Makes Mario jump. (Mario and Yoshi both
jump when Mario's on Yoshi's back.)
* Makes Caped Mario float down slowly.
* Makes Mario swim.
* Enters selections on the selection screen.
* Makes Yoshi fly when pressed repeatedly
(When Yoshi has the ability to fly.)

X Button
* Makes Mario accelerate.
* Mario can hold some objects by holding this button down.
* Lets Mario punch objects on the other side of the wire fence while
clinging to it.
* After Caped Mario runs fast enough and jumps, he can fly.
* Makes Yoshi eat enemies when pressed; lets him spit the unwanted
ones out when released.
* Lets you cancel on the selection screen.
* Makes Fire Mario throw fireballs.

Y Button
* Same as the X Button.



Insert the Game Pak into the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (R) and turn
the POWER switch ON. The demo screen shown at the right will appear. Press
the START Button (or the B or Y Button) and Save Slots for Mario A, Mario B,
and Mario C will appear. (See page 11 for details.)

Use the Control Pad or SELECT to choose one of the slots and also whether it
is a 1-player or 2-player game. Then press START to start the game. The game
consists of map screens and action screens.


The game begins at Yoshi's house. Move Mario (or Luigi) by using the Control
Pad. At first, mario can only go left or right from Yoshi's house. However,
once Mario has cleared some of the areas, he will be able to move farther
along. Now, go for it!


If you wish to see the rest of the map, press the START button and use the
Control Pad to scroll the screen. Press the START Button again to return to
where you were. (Note: this can't be done in World 1 but can be done in most
later worlds.)

Some points on the map are red. These areas have a normal goal and a special
goal (or secret keyhole). If you find the special goal, a new route will
appear on the map. Many of these new routes can be used as a shortcut.


Press the B or Y Button while on the map to enter an area. If you can get
Mario to the end of the goal safely, the area will be cleared. Once an area
is cleared, you can return there as many times as you wish. (except for the
castles and fortresses, which you can only finish once.) If you go into an
area that has already been cleared, you can return to the map screen by
pressing START, then SELECT.



When you lose all of your Marios, your game is over.

You lose one Mario:
* When Small Mario is touched or bitten by an enemy.
* When Mario falls into a hole.
* When Mario does not reach the goal before the timer reaches zero.
* When Mario gets pushed off the screen (in the automatic scrolling areas).

If you are Fire Mario, Caped Mario or Super Mario, being touched or bitten
by an enemy will transform you back to Small Mario.


[Small coin with a "1" on it]
Gather 100 regular coins and you'll earn an extra Mario.

[Large coin with Yoshi's face on it]
Gather 5 Dragon Coins in 1 course and you'll earn an extra Mario. Dragon
coins also count as regular coins.


Sometimes when you hit a block while travelling through the course, items
that give Mario more power will appear. If you take an item while Mario
already has extra power, the item will be stocked at the top of the screen,
but only one item can be held in stock. When Mario is running out of power,
the stocked item will automatically drop down. You my press the SELECT Button
to make the item drop down when you want it to.

If Super Mario gets a Fire Flower or Cape Feather, he'll gain more power,
and the Super Mushroom will be added to the stock. When Fire Mario takes a
Cape Feather that is in stock ro when Caped Mario takes a Fire Flower that
is in stock, you can swap items. The process of gaining more power will be
explained later.

[Red msuhroom] Super Mushroom [Flower] Fire Flower [Feather] Cape Feather



There is a gate in the middle of the course like the one in the screen to the
right. This is called a Midway Gate. If you break the tape at this gate, even
if you lose a life before reaching your goal, you can restart from the Midway
Gate. And, if Small Mario cuts the rope, he'll become Super Mario!

A moving Giant Gate awaits you at the Goal. Time it right so that if you
break the tape while it is high in the air and you'll get Gold Stars
corresponding to that height. If you collect 100 Gold Stars you get to play
a bonus game where you can get more Marios. And if Mario can make it to the
goal while on Yoshi's back, they'll start out on the next course together.


Hit all the rotating item blocks from beneath. The idea is to get a row of
blocks with the same picture to win an Extra 1-Up Mushroom. It's just like

[Green Mushroom] Extra Mario Mushroom
You get an extra Mario for every one of these you receive.



In the 2-player game, Player 1 (with controller 1) is Mario and Player 2
(with Controller 2) is Luigi. Player 1 and Player 2 take turns in clearing
the action screen panels. When only Controller 1 is connected to the Super
NES, both players can take turns using the Controller. If both controllers
are connected to the Super NES, then one of the players can control Mario,
and the other player can control Luigi.

If one player fails to clear a course, it is the other player's turn. When a
player enters the course in which the other player has reached the Midway
Gate, that player also starts the course from a point near the Midway Gate.
(See "Midway Gate" on page 8)


If you press the L or R Button at the map screen, the screen on the right
will appear. This screen also appears if one of the players finishes the
game. When this appears, you can give some of your Marios (or Luigis) to the
other player.

When you're only using one controller, press the B Button to give one of
Luigi's lives to Mario; press the A Button to give one of Mario's lives to

When you're using two controllers, player 2 (with Controller 2) can press the
B Button to give one of Luigi's lives to Mario and the Y Button to give one
of mario's lives to Luigi. Press the START Button to return to the original



When you clear areas like a castle, fortress or haunted house, the following
choices will appear on the map screen:

* Continue and Save
* Continue Without Save

If you choose to continue and save, the route up to that point will be saved
in the Save Slot you selected at the Title Screen. Once your selection has
been saved, it doesn't matter if you switch the POWER switch OFF, because it
is saved on the Game Pak. If you want to end the game in the same status as
you started, select CONTINUE WITHOUT SAVE and the continue the game. (Your
extra Marios will not be saved.)

When the game is over, the following choices will appear on the map screen:

* Continue
* End

if you select "End", you'll return to the Title Screen. If you select
"Continue," you'll begin on the course immediately after the last saved

When all three save slots have been used, you can delete the data in one of
the slots by selecting "Delete Saved Route" at the Title Screen. And after
selecting and and restarting a save slot, you can choose to play the game
as a 1-player game or a 2-player game. (The number displayed in the save slot
is the number of areas you've found up to the point when you saved.)

This game pak has a battery backup function to record the progress of the
game. WARNING: If the POWER switch is switched ON and OFF repeatedly, the
accumulated contents may be deleted. Also, avoid turning off the POWER
switch unnecessarily (before saving the game) or data may be lost.



Increasing Mario's Power

Mario ----------- Feather -----------
|   \                             |
|     \                           |
Fire     Mushroom                  |
Flower      \                      |
|          Super Mario            |
|         /        \              |
|    Fire Flower    Feather       |
|     /                     \     |
|   /                          \  |
Fire  ---------- Fire Flower ------ Caped
Mario ---------- Feather ---------- Mario

This differs from previous Super Mario Brothers Game Paks. Mario can suddenly
change into Fire Mario or Caped Mario. (If you're Super Mario, you won't lose
a life if you're touched by an enemy, you'll just become Small Mario.)

Mario's Basic Operations

Running (Acceleration)                                  Jump
[LEFT or RIGHT + Y]                                     [B]
You can steer Mario                             Mario will jump
over a one-block                                high if you hold
gap.                                            the B Button down.
Mario will also jump
a long way if you hold
the B Button down as
he stomps on an enemy.


Spin Jump                                       Throwing An Item
You can't jump as high as                       When you are holding an
a normal jump, however,                         item, press the Control
you can defeat most                             Pad in the direction you
enemies with one blow                           want to throw and then
and also defeat some of                         release the Y Button.
the really TOUGH
enemies that can't be
beaten any other way.
And when Mario is Super
Mario, you can also
destroy blocks.

Holding An Item                                 Jumping Out of The Water
[UP + B or A]
To hold onto an item, touch it while            Press Up on the Control
pressing the Y Button.                          Pad an B or A.

Crouching               Swimming                Holding An Item And Swimming
[DOWN]          [LEFT or RIGHT + B or A]       [UP or DOWN or LEFT or RIGHT
+ Y]


How To Enter The Pipes

Pipes in the Ground [DOWN] How To Get Into    [UP + B]
Upside Down Pipes

Pipe With Triangular Block

Mario can use this to run up the side Jumping with Yoshi
of the pipe. Press the Control pad Hold down the B B Button to
(in the direction you want to go) and jump high
the Y button

[LEFT or RIGHT + Y]   [B]

At Fences and Ropes

First, jump to the fence using the B Button, then press Up on the Control
pad to grab onto it.

Punch Revolving Door
If you meet a Koopa on the fence, you can [Y]
knock it down

Drop a shell and kick it to destroy a line of enemies


If You Have A Rope
Jump using the B Button, and press Up on the Control Pad to grab onto the
rope. While holding the rope, press Up or Down to climb up or down.

Using The Door
Press the Y Button to rotate the door.

Sliding Down A Slope
Press Down on the Control Pad to slide down the slope (You'll collide with
an enemy if it's near the slope.)

Basic Ways of Defeating The Enemy
Stomping On An Enemy (Some really TOUGH Hitting A Block From Below
enemies can't be stomped on.)

You can throw fire balls when mario becomes Fire Mario. Enemies that have
been hit by fire turn into coins. However, there are some enemies that
can't be destroyed by fire.


Caped Mario
This is used to spin Mario's cape to defeat enemies.
You can also hit blocks from the side.


Flying in the Air

Acceleration        Jump Quick take-off
[LEFT or RIGHT + Y] -> [Y + B] [LEFT or RIGHT + Y + B]
Run with your arms     Hold down the Y  Hold down the Y and B Buttons
out to your side.      Button           and use the Control Pad to
change directions.


Opening The Cape                While flying with an open cape, press the
[LEFT or RIGHT + Y]             Control pad in the same direction you are
The cape will open when         headed to descend. Press the Control pad in
you either release the          the opposite direction of where you are
B Button or when Caped          headed to ascend. Control your timing just
Mario has reached the           and you can actually climb much higher than
highest point.                  you started!

If Caped Mario hits
an enemy while he has his
Cape open, he will fall
to the ground but he
won't lose power.
|                \
|                  \

Release the Y Button            Body Press
to float down.                     [Y]
Hold down the Y Button
to defeat an enemy by
Your Pal Yoshi                  dropping onto it.

Slow landing                                          Fast Dive
[LEFT or RIGHT + B]                                   [LEFT or RIGHT + Y]
When you hold only the B                              Hold down the Y Button
Button, you will land at slow speed.                  and the Control pad (in
the direction you are
headed) to make a
fast dive.

You can defeat several nearby
enemies by making the ground
shake by slamming the ground
in a fast dive.


First, jump to climb on Yoshi's back. While riding Yoshi the basic operations
are the same as when operating Mario.

Acceleration            Jump            Dismounting Mario
[LEFT or RIGHT + Y]      [B]                    [A]

When Caped mario is riding Yoshi, you can fly into the air by accelerating,
then jumping. Mario's cape won't open when you hold down the Y and B Button,
but he will glide. If you hold down just the B Button, you can make a slow


If you press the Y Button, Yoshi's tongue will dart out to eat berries and
enemies. (Match the position of the berry with Yoshi's mouth, and he will
automatically eat it.)


It's difficult for Yoshi to eat hard objects such as turtle shells. So when
Yoshi has a hard item like a shell in his mouth, press the Y Button and he'll
spit it out. If he eats red shells, he'll spit out a bunch of fireballs,
which can be really handy against a group of foes!

If Yoshi eats a yellow shell, he will make a sand cloud when he bounces off
the ground. If an enemy is hit by this sand cloud, it will be defeated. Yoshi
can also spit the shell out at his enemies.

When Yoshi eats blue shells, he can fly if the B Button is pressed.

Flying in The Air
Press the B Button repeatedly.


* If shells are left in Yoshi's mouth for a long time, Yoshi will swallow
them after awhile. If this happens, Yoshi can no longer do the amazing
things he can when he holds them in his mouth.

* If an enemy hits Yoshi when Mario is on Yoshi's back, you won't lose Mario
or any strength; however, Yoshi will run away. If this happens, you'd
better chase him will all your might, because if Yoshi falls off a cliff or
into a hole, he'll be gone for sure.

The Legend Of The Colored Yoshis

Somewhere in the land of dragons, there are three different-colored Yoshis
hiding. At first, they are little kids. So, you must feed them something
so they grow. If you feed them five enemies, they'll grow into a big Yoshi.

The little Yoshi's specialities are different than big Yoshi's specialities.

Red Yoshi

Red Yoshi always spits out fire balls, whatever the color of the shells in
his mouth.

Blue Yoshi

Blue Yoshi can fly for a fixed length of time, whatever the color of the
shells in his mouth.

Yellow Yoshi

Yellow Yoshi throws out sand clouds for a fixed length of time when he jumps,
whatever the color of the shells in his mouth.




There are dinosaurs called Renzor waiting in all four fortresses. No doubt
they have been put under a terrible spell by Koopa. They'll do anything for
him, so watch out!

Haunted House

The inside of this old wooden house is dark, scary, and swarming with ghosts
and spirits. What's more, the door is nearly impossible to find. So you're
going to need to put on your thinking caps to escape from here.

Yoshi's House

This is the starting point for the game but the house is empty. It looks like
the elusive Yoshi has gone out. You better look for him and look quickly! By
the way, Yoshi was first discovered on Yoshi's Island, that's how he got his

The Castles

Within seven castles, the Koopa Kids each hold one of Yoshi's friends captive
inside an egg. There are lots of traps waiting for you when you try to get
through the kids' rooms. What's more, the kids will come at you with a
variety of attacks. Exploring these fortresses is enough to drive you crazy!

IGGY       MORTON       LEMMY        LUDWIG       ROY       WENDY       LARRY


Mysterious Sunken Ship

This is a strange looking sunken ship. Haven't you seen it somewhere else
before? That's right, in Super Mario Bros. 3, Koopa and his kids used a
flying ship to make life tough for Mario. I wouldn't be surprised if Bowser
is lurking somewhere nearby.



Secret Keyholes were also mentioned on page 8.
From the Donut Plains onwards, many course points are red. All these course
points are hidden different goals and keyholes as shown here. Keys USUALLY
lay next to the keyhole. If Mario takes a key and moves over the keyhole, he
can exit the course to another area. If Mario is on Yoshi when he finds the
key, they can move over the keyhole with Yoshi holding the key in his mouth.


WOW! What's this place?
Find this star on the map screen and you know you've come to a strange
place! But don't worry, if you can solve this puzzle, something good is
bound to happen.

Switch Palace
Jump on the big switch here and the yellow blocks with dotted lines in the
middle of the course will change to exclamation blocks. This makes it easier
to clear the course. The switch palaces come in three other colors; you will
definately want to find these.

Dotted Line  ->   Exclaimation
Block           Mark Block


(Warning: There are many more surprises that aren't listed here!)

Super Star Egg
They make Mario invincible. There's always something fun inside

3-Up Moon Berry
This will give Mario three extra lives. You will gain an extra Mario if you
feed Yoshi enough of these.

Jumping Board Power Balloon
Time it right and you can do a super    Mario's body will swell up when he
high jump.                              has these, which will allow him to
drift through the sky for a fixed
amount of time.

Yoshi's Wings Prize Block
Yoshi can fly if you take these when    Hit this from beneath to get a coin or
Mario's riding Yoshi. item.

Jump Block Rotating Block
This block bounces and sometimes throws Hit this block and it will rotate for
out items. a fixed amount of time.

Switch Block Grab Block
This block turns certain objects into   You can hold or throw this block.
coins and vice-versa.

Message Block Bonus Block
This gives you hints and advice during  If you get 30 coins in one course,
the game. punch it to get an extra Mario



The same old Koopas are back again. Everything seems bleak when these
characters appear! If you jump on a Koopa in this game, it pops out of its
shell. And what's worse is that an unshelled Koopa will eventually find its
empty shell and climb back in to start all over again. BEWARE! If a Koopa
climbs into a yellow shell, he'll become invinsible!

Super Koopa
A Koopa can fly once it has put on this magic cape. It looks like this guy
might give Caped Mario some tough aerial combat. But look at the bright
side... if you jump on one that's wearing a flashing cape, you'll get a Cape

Jumpin' Poranha Plant
These are a tropical plant version of the Volcano Plant! Be careful; they
come madly  whirling out of the pipes and can be very tough.

Jump on it to make it roll. You can also hold it or throw it.

Monty Mole
This is a mole that bursts out of the ground. There's even bigger ones


Boo Buddies
The Big Boo
You may remeber the Boo Buddies from Super Mario Bros. 3. This time there is
a whole horde of them! And amongst them there's a huge spook named The Big
Boo. But, don't worry, if you look at them, they act shy and turn away. Cute,
aren't they? But watch it ... they're dangerous!

This is a dinosaur spook that roams the haunted house. It comes after you
with its pale face and ohhhh, what a ghastly spook it is!

Rip Van FIsh
This little fellow is always taking a nap, but when Mario comes along, he
wakes up, and sets off in a hot pursuit. Whatever you do, don't let Rip
touch mario.

This is a giant urchin drifting in the sea. It doesn't move very fast, so if
you swim by carefully, there should be no problem. However, it's probably
really painful if you get stung.

Don't worry, these guys are not enemies; they help Mario cross water. A
useful shoal of dolphin look alikes!


As one would suspect, you could only meet this kind of enemy in Dinosaur
land, and there are lots of them too. You have to stomp on Rex twice to
defeat him. Rex has wings, but I don't think he can fly.

These are dragons from Chocolate Island. Jump on Dino-Rhino and it becomes
Mini-Rhino. Watch out, they breath fire.

These explode and scatter stars after a set time. Some of the Bob-ombs use
parachutes to drop from the sky. These little guys are a real blast.

A nasty stone ghost that guards the castles and fortresses for the Koopas. If
Mario comes close, Thwomp will try to crush him. The trouble is, if you don't
you can't go on.

A caterpillar that lives in the forest. Normally, Wiggler is very quiet, but
once jumped on, Wiggler turns red and gets extremely angry. If possible,
treat Wiggler with respect.


This is one of the tortoise sorcerers. The starnge flashes of light that
shoot from the wand are able to change blocks into enemies. On top of this,
Magikoopas can appear and disappear in an instant. A tough customer to deal

Sumo Brother
When this strange little fellow stomps his foot, lightning strikes, and turns
whatever it hits into a sea of flames. BEWARE! Sumo Brotherwill even attack
you with a karate chop!

Chargin' Chuck
These All-Stars always seem to bar Mario's way just when he's within sight
of the goal. They use a variety of bull-headed attacks, so you'll really
have a tough time checking Chargin' Chuck.




Nintendo of America Inc.
P.O. Box 957, Redmond, WA 98073-0957 U.S.A.

"Super Mario World Instruction Booklet"
Converted to ASCII text by FM2000 on August 5, 1997

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