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Super Mario Sunshine Review

Gameplay 8/10: It just seems like no matter how many sequels you make, it will never get boring! With a few added weapons to Mario's artillery. The newest addition is FLUDD (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device) which is strapped onto Mario's back. It's almost as if Mario has mirrored Luigi this time because Luigi has a vacuum in Luigi's Mansion, and now Mario has a water pump! So what's this story about? Well Mario has went on a vacation to Isle Defino.

When they land the plane, the whole island is covered in goop and graffiti, and the island inhabitants are blaming Mario, and he has to clean it up. He uses his FLUDD to battle through the monsters, and clean up all the goop. Along the way he'll face goop bosses and once defeated, he will earn a Shine Sprite (think star). Well this is all a good and well needed change from the old ''save Princess Toadstool'' AGAIN story line. So what is this game like?

Well take Luigi's mansion and subtract the green suit, vacuum, and ghosts. Then add red suit, FLUDD, and paint. Finally take Mario 64, and add the modified Luigi's Mansion to it, and you have Super Mario Sunshine! Gameplay is relatively well balanced.

Mario and FLUDD

Graphics 8/10: See, it's hard to judge this game based on graphics. First and foremost, Mario is EXTREMELY well detailed and his hat and everything is round and not jagged. Though, the island, its people, and the water are a different story. Now I dont know what Miyamoto was aiming for here. The village people are kind of blocky, and their grass skirts are 2d. The water looks more like a gel also. Please keep in mind though that it's a non-violent game, and it's more cartoony, so the graphics are appropriate for this sort of thing, but you will find no complaints in this department. Zero popup is present, and you can look out as far as you want in the island and be able to see anything! It's simply magnificent. The ''goop'' monsters and graffiti are great and the tropical colours and textures are phenomenal.

Control 6/10: Ah we have reached the difficult part of the game. The controls. This game would have been better off if it has a in-game tutorial and let you try out the controls while ur watching the tutorial. There are so many controls you have to memorize let alone perform, you will need time to practice them and get them just right. You will find yourself looking in the instruction booklet often, so keep it out. This game does have a overview of the controls when you get the FLUDD though, which helps, but not enough. There are a total of 45 controls, which is a ROUGH overview, and most of them are easy tasks, like jumping and such. Timing is critical though, but a good 30 minutes you'll have the control scheme down.
Mario hovering with FLUDD
Sound 10/10: Sound is magnificent, whether its water washing up on sound or birds squeaking its great. Though Mario doesn't talk, it really doesn't matter because he never did in any of his other games. This is probably one of the category's you have to HEAR to believe!

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