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Super Mario Kart (SNES) - Tracks & Maps


Mushroom Cup

he first and most basic of the cups in Super Mario Kart (SNES) comprises five tracks; Mario Circuit 1, Donut Plains 1, Ghost Valley 1, Bowsers Castle 1 and Mario Circuit 2. This is a beginner friendly cup where there isn't a great deal that can go wrong and a player can mostly concentrate on driving.

Mario Circuit 1

Donut Plains 1

Ghost Valley 1

Bowser's Castle 1

Mario Circuit 2


Flower Cup

The second cup of Super Mario Kart (SNES) features the following tracks; Choco Island 1, Ghost Valley 2, Donut Plains 2, Bowser's Castle 2 and finally Mario Circuit 3. A little more advanced than The Mushroom Cup, introducing the ability to fall into water, miss your jump over that vital jump pad, fall off the side of the track etc - Intermediate players.


Choco Island 1

Ghost Valley 2

Donut Plains 2

Bowser's Castle 2

Mario Circuit 3


Star Cup

What appears to be the final cup at first until special cup is unlocked, this is the penultimate cup and comprises the following tracks; Koopa Beach 1, Choco Island 2, Vanilla Lake 1, Bowsers Castle 3, Mario Circuit 4. This cup is better suited for veterans as there are lots of little tricks that can be done on these tracks that make all the difference as to who wins.


Koopa Beach 1

Choco Island 2

Vanilla Lake 1

Bowser's Castle 3

Mario Circuit 4


Special Cup

Unlocked after winning the other 3 cups at 100cc this is the ultimate challenge for any Kart master again this is a five course cup including the hardest version of rainbow road of all the Mario Kart games which have followed this. Track list; Donut Plains 3, Koopa Beach 2, Ghost Valley 3, Vanilla Lake 2 and Rainbow road.


Donut Plains 3

Koopa Beach 2

Ghost Valley 3

Vanilla Lake 2

Rainbow Road


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With crypto now a new trend in the modern era, it is safe to say that Nintendo may be on its way to push for a coin of sorts. That shows more promise than most people think as it will change the way people look out for the company’s games in the long run.

The rumours are starting to spread that Nintendo is on its way to jump-start its race to the crypto world as well. For starters, there are a lot of Super Mario NFTs coming in, and there is a lot of content regarding the game starting to get linked with the industry.

Nintendo’s popularity stretches for many decades, and the company has proven to be a strong front for games. The gaming giant is fueled with success and their systems have reached a lot of people all over the world. A bitcoin casino online might even want to land some games based on Nintendo’s own iconic characters.

With most rumours coming up, it is easy to say that Super Mario will be the basis for the coin in the long run.

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The newer generations are all set to take risks in the field of gambling, just to let in higher payoffs. Gambling comes with multiple risks, but all risks are associated with higher payoffs. You may not lose anything tangible, but if your luck supports, you may win a ransom with the special mini-features provided by the Marios Bros X. Every Mario title involves gambling games virtually, and these are what attract the gamers. On the other hand, there’s Novibet Casino offering traditional games that are loved by everyone

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How Super Mario Bros. took inspiration from casino games

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It all started back in the mid-1980s when the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released and the first Mario game always came in with the console. Future Nintendo consoles also had strong Mario launch titles besides the Nintendo Switch which started with the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Over the years, Mario has only become bigger and better with the number of genres that were breached. From racing games to role-playing games, Mario has been in every genre. In the modern era, you can even find some casino games based on Mario.

Even the Mario franchise itself has some games that use a casino system which is why it shouldn’t be a surprise that it breached the gambling industry as well. Casino games like slots, roulette, blackjack and many more are present in Mario games. Since casino games have been embraced in the gaming scene which includes esports games, you should not be surprised that it also happens the other way around. Casino games have taken inspiration from games like Mario.

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This approach introduced gamers to the appeal of gambling. As you enjoy the game, you get a chance to take a risk to land a bigger payoff. This feature is meant to make the gaming experience more immersive, and you will lose nothing tangible. 

However, when you win, these mini-features go a long way to help you complete Mario’s mission. It may seem like an absurd combination on the surface. But, gambling is present throughout all levels of console gaming. 

Super Mario comes with several casino games lurking behind the scenes. Other online casino games you can access on Super Mario titles include poker, roulette, and blackjack.    

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