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Super Mario Bros. Review

This is it! The best game ever made!

The first one for the NES. This probably the game that saved the whole gaming industry from death! The first game I've ever played. I go way back with this game. Heck, I've even started playing it when I was 3. Those were the days... I've lost the actual cartridge, but I can still play it thanks to Animal Crossing's emulation. Onto the review.

Not much here. This was Bowser's first plot against Mario. Bowser has kidnapped Princess Toadstool/Peach and has taken her to Bowser's castle. It's up to Mario to rescue Peach and put a stop to Bowser for the first of many times.

Once again, not much. Mario's shirt is red and his overalls brown. Mario has alot of different animations. The backgrounds are a somewhat nice touch. Bowser is quite larger than most sprites. What impresses me the most is the HUGE Podoboo chain revolving around the beginning of castle 4 or 5(forgot). On the downside, the colors are lacking and the Taod and Peach sprites don't move. Enemies have simple movements and aren't very appealing.

This was the first game to feature Mario's ''Dun dun dun na na na'' theme. Underground is even better. It was repetitive, but still good. Mario's jumping reminds me of a cow mooing. This was mentioned in my review of Mario 3. The fireballs are a nice sound and sounds like gulping. The stomping-on-an-enemy sound is good as well. Overall, the audio is good.

An artwork of Super Mario Bros originally drawn by Shigeru Miyamoto

This is where the game flaws. Mario's jumping is too annoying. Once he jumps in one direction, he can't turn around until he lands. He can't even slow himself down fast enough to avoid accidentally jumping in a pit. Afterall, wasn't his original name ''Jumpman''? On the bright side, everything else is good. D-pad to move, B + D-pad to run, A to ''jump'', down to duck when Super, and B to throw a fireball when Fire Mario. If not for the occasionally annoying jumping process, this would be a perfect 10.

It may seem ''lame'' compared to today, but it was the ''bomb'' back then. As Mario/Luigi, it's your job to track Bowser down and stop him for good. There are 8 worlds total, each with 4 levels. Think of them as Zones and Acts from Sonic. To clear the first 3 levels, dodge your way through hazardous traps, enemies and pitfalls. Touch the flagpole at the end of the level to clear it. The 4th level puts you in Bowser's castle. These are the hardest levels in the game. There are lava pools, revolving chains of Podoboos(fireballs) weight bridges, pits, incoming fireballs, mazes, underwater mazes, and worst of all...Bowser himself.
You must get by him and twist the key to open the doors that holds Peach and the Toad gaurds in them. Absolutely stunning! Shigeru Miyamoto is quite a genius!
It has been a blast playing this game and I love it forever! This is the legend of Miyamoto-san's Mario games! Miyamoto himself is a legend indeed! Thanks for saving us all from the death of the gaming industry!

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