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Super Mario Bros Enemy List

Super Mario Bros (NES) - Enemy List

A full list of all the enemies featured in Super Mario Bros is below - ordered alphabetically from A to Z

Standard Enemies

  • Blooper: The original Blooper was shaped like an octopus and white in colour
  • Bub & Bubba: A large fish, later known as Big Bertha, and what seems to be it's child - it fires the smaller fish at you
  • Bullet Bill: This projectile rocket is sent flying from a cannon in Mario's general direction.
  • Buzzy Beetle: Fire will not help you against this beast, when jumped on this guy turns into a shell
  • Cheep Cheep: These cute looking little fish ain't as nice as they look, there often known to bite mario in the water or even jump out and attack him!
  • Fire Rod: Lines of fireballs, in various lengths - they rotate quickly around blocks, you have to avoid this or you'll be burned to death.
  • Goomba: The classic Mario bros enemy, just kinda walks about - not very smart, will bite mario if he gets close enough.
  • Green Koopa Paratroopa: This guy hasn't quite mastered his wings, he doesn't fly, he falls... with style
  • Green Koopa Troopa: The standard troopa in bowsers army, patrols up and down its areas and will try to stop mario passing
  • Green Piranha Plant: Vicious plant usually found jumping in and out of pipes to prevent you from crossing.
  • Hammer Bros: Big turtle-look alikes with either sports-wear or some kind of armour on, throw hammers at you, relations: Fire Bros, Boomerang Bros
  • Podoboo: This fireball splashes out of the lava deep in Bowsers dungeons
  • Red Koopa Paratroopa: This is a winged Koopa Troopa
  • Red Koopa Troopa: This little red turtle patrols backwards and forwards
  • Lakitu: This guy floats around in a cloud, sometimes throws coins to help you, and sometimes throws Spiny eggs at you
  • Spiny: This is like a spike top from SMW, a soft little creature but with three spines on it's back.
  • Spiny egg: Lakitu hurls these spiked eggs at you, best avoid them as if they land on you you'll die or shrink.

The Boss
Bowser, this is the Koopa King, this boss is found at the end of every world in SMB, he can be defeated either using jump attacks or by hitting the axe which is just behind him (this releases the bridge and he falls to his doom).