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Completion guide by Super Mallow

Level 1-1
- This level is pretty basic. Just dodge all the guys and get all the ? blocks for power ups (mushrooms, fireballs). You can also go down pipes for secrets like extra coins and stuff.

Level 1-2
- This level is easier than the first for the most part. Just go to the part where the orange platforms are moving up and down. Ride an orange platform up and then jump on the top layer of bricks. Keep going forward and you will see a pipe leading down. Go past it and you see 3 more pipes. Jump down and it will say Welcome to Warp Zone! and it will tell which world each one will go to. You can choose which world you want to go to(2,3,or 4). Go to world 4. You need to for another warp.

Level 4-1
- After the warp in 1-2 you are now at world 4-1. A Lakitu will be floating above you throwing Spinys at you for the whole level. However, you can kill the Lakitu right away, Go past the first pipe and there will be 4 ? blocks. Go on top of the top 2 and wait for the Lakitu to come near you. When he does jump on him and he will disappear for a short while. He will soon come back. When you reach the point where there is a few rows of ? blocks, wait until Lakitu comes back so you can jump on him again. Then just go forward and dodge the very few enemies left and jump on the flagpole.

Level 4-2
- This is another underground level with warps. First go to the first orange platform which is moving up or down. Go a little past it and look up. You will see 3 bricks. Each has an invisible coin block below them. Hit them and then hit the bricks. The one farthest left has a vine. Climb up it and and keep going forward. You will the see 3 pipes. Jump down and it will say Welcome to Warp Zone!. You can choose which world you want to got to(6,7, or 8). Go to world 8, as it is the final world.

Level 8-1
- This level is the easiest level in world 8, but one of the hardest in the game. First, just avoid all the enemies. You can run over the little spaces between platforms, if you are holding B. Keep going and you will come to a part with a row of bricks and a jumping turtle in an enclosed are below. Go on top of the bricks and keep going forward. When you get to the part with the little spaces in the ground, wait for the jumping turtles to fall in (they don't always fall in). Go across and jump the gaps to find a staircase leading to a flagpole!

Level 8-2
- First you will see a staircase with jumping turtles. The second will fall in but the first you need to kill. Go up the staircase to find a Lakitu throwing Spinys at you. Wait at the top of the staircase and jump on him. Proceed through the level while dodging enemies as well as Bullet Bills. You will come to a part with a small pipe and 2 little platforms with a huge gap. Timing is critical. Jump on the pipe and on to the second platform. Immediately jump the gap. You should make it. The staircase leading to the flagpole is broken up, so jump carefully!

Level 8-3
- By far the hardest regular level in the game, 8-4 is filled with enemies like the Hammer Bros. First dodge the turtles and Bullet Bills. Then there is 2 rows of bricks and 2 Hammer Bros. Evade their hammers and continue through the level. There will more turtles and Bullet Bills followed by another set of Hammer Bros. Now there will be single Hammer Bros. on the ground throwing hammers. Fireballs work great here but if you don't have them you will have to find a way to dodge their hammers. Proceed through the level to the last flagpole.

Level 8-4 (Bowser's Final Castle)
- Bowser's final castle is a puzzle castle, where you need to take the correct order to get to Bowser. First, go through the level until you reach a fire pit with an orange platform moving side to side. A pipe is right after that. Go down it to reach the next area. After going down the pipe, dodge the enemies and you will see a pipe that you can't reach. To the left is an invisible coin block. Hit it and go down the pipe to proceed to the next area.


Now you will be in an area with fish flying out of the ground. There is a pipe after a fire pit. Go down it and head on to the next area. The next area is an underwater area. There are squid and spinning chains of fire. Avoid them and go in the pipe to the right. Go a little further into the next area and there will be a Hammer Bros. Take him out and you will reach Bowser. Dodge his fireballs and hammers and hit the axe to rescue the Princess! (The Princess then will give you another quest, which is the same but has harder enemies)

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