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You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Super Mario Bros NES

Bowser - a Buzzy beetle?
If you kill Bowser with fireballs on world 3-4, you see that Bowser must have originally been a buzzy beetle. (Bit weird since buzzy beetles aren't killed by fireballs)

To continue after your game is over hold A and press START to begin from the last world you were on.

Extra Lives
At the very end 3-1 the stairs up to the flap pole will have two turtles coming down them. Ignore the first turtle and stomp on the second so that it is still on the steps. Jump on the second turtle again and if done just right the turtle will bounce back and forth between you and the step giving you increased points and finally 1-ups. (Note: Be careful not to accumulate more than 100 lives or it will be game over when you die.)

Jump on the flag pole when the last digit in the timer is one, three or six and the respective number of fireworks will go off after your time remaining points have been rewarded. You will get 500 points for each fire work.

Warp to World 2, 3, or 4
In World 1-2, find your way to the ceiling of the level on those raising platform things, run along the top until you find a Warp Zone where you can warp to World 2, 3, or 4.

Warp to World 5
Very similar to above, in world 4-2 run along the roof of the level much like the above cheat and you'll find a warp zone which leads to world 5.

Warp to World 6, 7, or 8
This is the second Warp Zone you can reach from World 4-2. After the first elevator lift, there is a pit and three brick blocks above you. Jump around, and you'll find four hidden coin blocks under the three bricks. Use the hidden blocks you just uncovered to hit the first brick which will sprout a Vine. The Vine leads to some Coins, and the second Warp Zone.

Water Level hint
Stay walking on the floor and the bloober squids cant attack you.


There was a version of Super Mario Bros released as part of a compilation with two other games; Duck Hunt & World Class Track meet, the cheats for those games are below:-


Duck Hunt Cheats/Tips


Duck control
Use a standard controller in port one to control the ducks. Note: This may be done when one or two ducks appear on screen.


Freeze targets
Press Start to pause game play, then resume. The targets will remain paused for a brief amount of time, allowing an easy shot.

Fun challenge
Start a single player game. Then, use the "SUMMON FLARE" code, look in the air, and throw it. When it gets directly on the crosshair in the middle, shoot with the AutoMag.

Mirror challenge
You can shoot the Zapper at the game game from a mirror. For example: you can use a large mirror and put it across the screen. While you shoot ducks, you can shoot them from the mirror.

Tip - Duck color
The ducks you shoot, no matter what their colour, are always green when the dog grabs them when they land.

World Class Track Meet Cheats/Tips

None yet

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