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Super Mario Bros. 3 Review

Graphics - 10 / 10
Even today I wonder how Nintendo put those good graphics on such an old system. These are a 100% improvement over the previous Super Mario Brothers' graphics. The backgrounds are perfect in each and every level, and there are a ton of different ones too. Fields, deserts, icy backgrounds, even night time backgrounds!

A big difference in the graphics in Super Mario Brothers 3 is the world map graphics. On the two previous Super Mario Brothers games for Nintendo, there was no world map. However, in this Mario, there is a world map. It shows Mario and all of the levels. It also has a cool environment. There are 8 worlds all together, and each has it's own individual look to it. The backgrounds change as the worlds change, which is very cool, and really adds a lot to the game.

One flaw I discovered, was that there is no save option. This game is quite large, too, so it really bummed me out when the game froze when I was at level 8-2. As long as your Nintendo works fine, however, you shouldn't have the problem with the game freezing.

Some of Mario's powered up forms in Super Mario Bros 3 including Frog, Hammer, Racoon and Tanooki Mario

Controls - 10 / 10
They couldn't be any easier! You move your character with the directional pad, and if you want to pause the game, you can hit the START button. The A button is used to jump, and you can hold down the B button to run. You also use the B button to wag your tail when you have a leaf power-up, or shoot fire balls when you have a fire flower power-up. That's all there is to it! The control scheme is set up perfectly, and you don't have to turn the controller upside down or any other way to play the game correctly. The learning curve is less than a minute.

Story - 10 / 10
After entering each world's flying ship, you are given a short story excerpt. This really adds to the game, because you learn a lot more about the story. Super Mario Brothers 3 is the first Mario game which introduces Bowser's children. They haunt each of the flying ship's in each of the worlds. You must defeat all of them if you ever want to get to Bowser and save Princess Toadstool! You're armed with your blue overalls and your red hat. Good luck!

Multi Player - 10 / 10
When you begin after selecting 2 players, go to the level labeled START. You'll be in a battle mode which is a replica of the original Mario Brothers game for arcade! This is very fun to play with your friends, and can get very addicting!

Gameplay - 10 / 10
This is my favorite Mario game of all time! Why? Mainly because of the addicting gameplay. There are so many secrets and tricks you can do, it's mind-boggling. Hidden coin blocks, hidden warp zones, and even hidden levels!

If you've ever played any side scrolling game, you know the basic feel. You try and reach the goal which is usually at the right of the screen. Well, in some of the Super Mario Brothers 3 levels, you actually have to go left to get to the end! It's very creative, and separates it from other side scrolling games.

A good way to get to the later levels quick is to find the three flutes. When blown, the flutes take you to a far away place, allowing you to access later worlds. I won't tell you where they are though, I'll let you figure that one out on your own!

There are a multitude of enemies from the regular old Goomba to Goombas in socks even to Thwomps! You'll never get bored with all the enemies in this game, and they each do their own little technique, so you have to use some strategy to get past certain enemies!

Super Mario Bros 3 artwork of Racoon Mario and Luigi with the Princess and Toad

Music & Sound - 10 / 10
This is another reason this is my favorite Mario game. It has the greatest composed music I've heard in any other Mario game! Each of the levels has a different theme than the previous one, so get used to humming a lot of Mario themes when you're in school, just waiting to get home and play Super Mario Brothers 3! Sound is spectacular as well! From jumping on enemies, all the way down to getting hurt, there is a sound for just about everything you do!

Challenge - Medium
If you've never played the previous Mario games, this game will be extremely challenging. However, if you've mastered the previous Mario games, Super Mario Brothers 3 won't be very challenging. It all really depends on how good you are at side scrolling games. For me, today, this game is a cinch. However, when I first got this game, it was the toughest game I'd ever played! Super Mario Brothers 3 takes a while to master, but it's fun!

Replay Value - Mediocre
There aren't any second quests or any new players which are unlocked after completing the game, but you can always try and make up your own challenges, therefore making the replay value unbelievably high! You could try and beat the game without dying, or without even getting hit!

Would Water Gemini recommend this game?
YES! This is my favorite Mario game, and quite possibly close to one of my favorite video games! I recommend this to any gamer who has ever been even remotely interested in any side scrolling game out there!

''My favorite Mario game!''

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