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When #Mario was still Missing on the #SNES. And still no one was happy about the situation.

Mario is Missing (SNES) Playthrough

 Mario is Missing on the SNES, Yoshi and Luigi running to rescue him from Bowser and the Koopa Kids


This is our playthrough of Mario is Missing, the "classic" edutainment title on the Super Nintendo. As much as this is a lot more EDU than TAINMENT I still learned things playing it (Should I, as a 27 year old man have admitted that?) about cities and monuments etc; but that left me no less mentally broken by the end.


The gist of the game is that Luigi and Yoshi have to travel around the worlds major cities recovering the stolen artefacts from Bowsers minions, and slaying them all to secure the cities.



The above playthrough can be played in order in the above playlist, or you can click Playlist at the top left and skip to whichever bit you want. A breakdown of the videos parts are as below.


  • Intro - As our intrepid heroes Mario, Luigi and Yoshi get ready to set off on an adventure, Mario is snared by one of the evil King Koopa's traps.... This time it's up to Luigi and Yoshi to rescue him.
  • Part 1 - Rome, Italy
  • Part 2 - Beijing, China
  • Part 3 - Nairobi, Kenya
  • Part 4 - Moscow, Russia
  • Part 5 - San Francisco, USA

After securing the fifth city, Luigi presses on to assault the lair of the deadly Iggy Koopa. (Another similarity to Super Mario World there as Iggy was the first castle boss in that too. )


  • Part 6 - Athens, Greece
  • Part 7 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Part 8 - Sydney, Australia
  • Part 9 - Mexico City, Mexico
  • Part 10 - Paris, France

After Luigi claimed back the first five cities and defeated Iggy Von Koopa he fought his way through a further 5 action packed cities only to find his most difficult challenge yet lay ahead - Ludwig Von Koopa came tearing towards him, all guns blazing... in the second epic battle of Mario is Missing on the SNES.


  • Part 11 - New York, USA
  • Part 12 - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Part 13 - Tokyo, Japan
  • Part 14 - Cairo, Egypt
  • Part 15 - London, England (Final Stage)

After Luigi secured the final 5 cities he takes on the might of Roy Koopa, after a difficult struggle Luigi's bravery and skill managed to defeat the superior strength of the hulking Koopaling and all that remained was the final confrontation between Luigi and Bowser... Luigi bust down the door to the place where Bowser had Mario prisoner and set him free, seconds later Bowser set upon them from above, but whilst he was preparing for a deadly attack... Luigi had plans of his own ; a one way ticket for Bowser into oblivion (oblivion = the snow just outside the castle).

This video also includes the ending of Mario is Missing SNES Version, so please don't watch if you don't want "Spoiler", you'll probably be ok though as this game is about 400 years old.

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