Sound effects / music
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First Aired
03rd October 1989

Written by
Perry Martin

Guest Stars
Marty Allen (Imperial Poogah)


Episode 18 - The Adventures of Sherlock Mario

Mario and friends arrive in Victoria hoping to find the great detective Herlock Solmes. When they find out that Solmes is missing Mario acquires the name Sherlock Mario and ventures out to find him. Its then discovered that Solmes was kidnapped by King Koopa and his clan. Koopa then goes after the Retro Router a machine that he intends to flood the city with.


bwd  Set 1/4  fwd

Plumber's of the Year (Live Action Sketch)

The Imperial Poogah from the Grand Order of Plumbers visits the Mario's to see if they qualify as Plumbers of the Year.


bwd  Set 1/2  fwd

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