The Fire of Hercufleas Episode Guide
SMB Super Show
General information

First Aired
26th September 1989
Written by
Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley
Guest Stars
David Horowitz (Himself)

Episode 14 - The Fire of Hercufleas

Hercufleas, a legendary hero and Toad’s friend, who, just recently, became overweight and lazy, was met by Mario and friends. His job is to guard The Great Balls of Fire but ends up being stolen by some Beezos.
When the Mario Bros. failed to get the thing back they return to Hercufleas and ask for help. But before that, they need to turn back Toad into shape.

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The Mario's Fight Back (Live Action Sketch)

A monster was accidentally created after Mario and Luigi gave a demonstration of their expertise plumbing skills for David Horowitz's news report.

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