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#Yoshi's Cookie #retro review by MathGrant. Loved this! #Yoshi
When #Mario was still Missing on the #SNES. And still no one was happy about the situation.
A retro gaming guide for #SuperMarioLand on the #Gameboy by Benni Castellanos.

Tag Team Trouble Episode Guide

General information


First Aired



Written by

Martha Moran


Episode 10 - Tag Team Trouble

Princess Toadstool has asked Toad to deliver one million gold coins to the Mushroom Orphanage. Carrying around such a heavy delivery is difficult, especially with King Koopa and Cheatsy nearby. Toad becomes tired and he falls asleep on the orphanage's doorstep. The head of the orphanage comes out but he doesn't want to disturb Toad so he collects the coins while he sleeps. When Toad wakes up and sees that the coins are gone he fears the worst.


Toad is embarrassed that he will fail Princess Toadstool and the orphans and wants to make things right. Luckily for Toad he comes across a tag team wrestling match and the grand prize is one million gold coins. Toad's wrestling cousins agree to help him out, but King Koopa and Cheatsy also want that prize money. Up to his usual tricks Koopa makes sure the two wrestlers won't be able to compete, forcing Mario and Luigi to take their places. Will they be any match for the Koopas' team the Sledge Brothers?


Images from this episode