Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS) Artwork including Characters, Enemies and Stickers
Rendered Artwork

Paper Mario: Sticker Star logo

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A crumpled Goomba

A flattened Paper Goomba


Blue Toad Happy

Paper Blue Toad


Blue Toad Hurt

Blue Paper Toad screaming out


Blue Toad Waving

Blue Paper Toad waving


Blue Toad worried

Blue Paper Toad looking bewildered, beside himself and deep in thought.

Bowser Jr In His Car

Bowser Jr. in the Koopa Clown Kart


Bowser using his fire breath

Paper Bowser fires the Paper version of Fire.


Green Toad Happy

A Green Paper Toad

Green Toad hurt

The Green Paper Toad in a state of distress.


Green Toad thinking

The Green Paper Toad looking worried and thoughtful.


Green Toad waving

The Green Paper Toad waving.

Bowser Kamek
Bowser Kamek on his Broomstick


Kersti the Tiara

Koopa Paratroopa

Red Koopa Paratroopa

Mario hammering a  Goomba

Paper Mario uses a rather real looking Mallet to flatten a Goomba.


Mario holding a book of stickers and a Mushroom

Paper Mario with a Mushroom sticker to add to his sticker book.


Mario holding a book of stickers and a Mushroom sticker

Paper Mario with a Mushroom sticker to add to his sticker book, alternate version.


Mario in a fighting pose

Paper Mario looking serious with a clenched fist.

Mario jumping

Paper Mario jumping and punching the air.

Megasparkle Goomba Mario standing
Megasparkle Goomba Paper Mario

Mario standing in the way of Bowser

Mario in Bowsers line of fire (literally, fire)


Mario with his Hammer

Mario swinging his giant hammer/mallet.


Purple Toad

Purple Paper Toad.


Purple Toad hurt

Purple Paper Toad looking distressed.

Purple Toad thinking

Purple Paper Toad deep in thought.


Purple Toad waving

Purple Paper Toad waving.


Toad Happy

Paper Toad, standard edition jumping

Toad affixed in Bowser Tape

Paper Toad, held captive by Bowser tape.


Toad hurt

Paper Toad, looking mortified.


Toad thinking

Paper Toad, hmmm not where did I leave my cheesy poofs.


Toad Wave

Red Paper Toad waving.


Supporting artwork for Paper Mario: Sticker Star


Artwork from Paper Mario Sticker Star Promotional

Mario, Blue Toad and Green Toad are rather unimpressed to find Red Toad has been fixed to the wall by Bowser tape. How inhumane.


Group artwork

Paper Mario sticker star artwork featuring lots of enemies and items from the game.


Group artwork

An artwork featuring Mario, Kerstii, Sparkle Goomba, Red Toad, and Bowser Jr hovering overhead.


Mario and Kersti facing Gooper Blooper

Mario and Kersti facing Gooper Blooper

Mario holding a book of stickers

Mario holding a book of stickers, and a Mushroom sticker with a background composed of other stickers.


Mario holding a book of stickers with a Sticker Fest background

Mario holding a sticker book and Mushroom sticker scene featuring Kerstii


The Album

Mario's Sticker Book, open and showing his Hammer Sticker and Boot sticker.




The Baahammer Sticker

Bowser sandle

The Bowser Sandle Sticker

Cat o luck

The Cat O Luck Sticker


The Eekhammer


A Fan.

Fire flower

The Fire Flower Sticker


Frog suit

The Frog Suit Sticker

Green Boot

The Goomba Boot / Kuribos Shoe Sticker



The Hammer Sticker

Goat High Heel
The Goat Sticker The High Heel Sticker


The Boot Sticker

Koopa Shell

The Green Shell Sticker


The Super Mushroom Sticker

POW sticker

The POW Block Sticker


The Scissors Sticker


The Sombrero Sticker


The Sponge Sticker


The Stopwatch Sticker



The Turkey Sticker, well... we couldn't leave something as important as that one out!

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