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Desktop Wallpapers from all of your favorite Mario games on the Nintendo DS, consisting of loads of high quality desktop wallpaper by Nintendo, in resolutions from 640x480 to 1920x1200 - we have also tried to accommodate resolutions that may be in use by people with widescreen monitors and iPhones etc. If you have any wallpapers we are missing please do send them in, it doesn't have to be an official Nintendo wallpaper either, the work of fans is always more than welcome.


Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Title Resolution Size
Bowser 1024x768 578kb
Bowser 1280x1024 850kb
Bowser 1920x1200 1.31mb
Cast 1024x768 467kb
Cast 1280x1024 645kb
Cast 1920x1200 0.99mb
Scene 1024x768 565kb
Scene 1280x1024 897kb
Scene 1920x1200 1.22mb


Itadaki Street

Title Resolution Size
Daisy 1280x1024 739kb
Luigi 1280x1024 703kb
Mario 1280x1024 604kb
Peach 1280x1024 685kb
Yoshi 1280x1024 656kb


Super Mario 64 DS

Title Resolution Size
Bowser 800x600 135kb
Bowser 1024x768 191kb
Mario 800x600 66kb
Mario 1024x768 94kb
Mario (2) 1024x768 125kb
Power to the Plumber 800x600 86kb
Power to the Plumber 1024x768 140kb
Super Mario 64 DS 800x600 136kb
Super Mario 64 DS 1024x768 191kb


Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Title Resolution Size
Black Mage 800x600 487kb
Black Mage 1024x768 722kb
Black Mage 1280x1024 1.20mb
Bowser 800x600 528kb
Bowser 1024x768 778kb
Bowser 1280x1024 1.25mb
Bowser Jr. 800x600 403kb
Bowser Jr. 1024x768 590kb
Bowser Jr. 1280x1024 1.03mb
Cactuar 800x600 362kb
Cactuar 1024x768 524kb
Cactuar 1280x1024 912kb
Daisy 800x600 395kb
Daisy 1024x768 577kb
Daisy 1280x1024 1.01mb
Diddy 800x600 510kb
Diddy 1024x768 748kb
Diddy 1280x1024 1.22mb
Donkey Kong 800x600 399kb
Donkey Kong 1024x768 570kb
Donkey Kong 1280x1024 1.00mb
Luigi 800x600 464kb
Luigi 1024x768 688kb
Luigi 1280x1024 1.15mb
Mario 800x600 486kb
Mario 1024x768 727kb
Mario 1280x1024 1.19mb
Moogle 800x600 319kb
Moogle 1024x768 458kb
Moogle 1280x1024 800kb
Ninja 800x600 381kb
Ninja 1024x768 547kb
Ninja 1280x1024 1.00mb
Peach 800x600 351kb
Peach 1024x768 507kb
Peach 1280x1024 887kb
Waluigi 800x600 363kb
Waluigi 1024x768 526kb
Waluigi 1280x1024 952kb
Wario 800x600 463kb
Wario 1024x768 678kb
Wario 1280x1024 1.07mb
White Mage 800x600 493kb
White Mage 1024x768 741kb
White Mage 1280x1024 1.27mb
Yoshi 800x600 489kb
Yoshi 1024x768 723kb
Yoshi 1280x1024 1.20mb


Mario Kart DS

Title Resolution Size
Bowser 800x600 295kb
Bowser 1024x768 429kb
Bowser 1280x1024 1.33mb
Mario/DK 800x600 270kb
Mario/DK 1024x768 397kb
Mario/DK 1280x1024 1.17mb
Luigi 800x600 598kb
Luigi 1024x768 957kb
Luigi 1280x1024 1.49mb
Luigi (2) 800x600 264kb
Luigi (2) 1024x768 914kb
Luigi (2) 1280x1024 1.52mb
Mario 800x600 553kb
Mario 1024x768 860kb
Mario 1280x1024 1.32mb
Mario (2) 800x600 163kb
Mario (2) 1024x768 237kb
Mario (2) 1280x1024 785kb
Mario (3) 800x600 102kb
Mario (3) 1024x768 142kb
Mario (3) 1280x1024 464kb
Mario (4) 800x600 335kb
Mario (4) 1024x768 560kb
Mario (4) 1280x1024 1.64mb
Peach 800x600 271kb
Peach 1024x768 407kb
Peach 1280x1024 1.25mb
Wario 800x600 218kb
Wario 1024x768 339kb
Wario 1280x1024 1.33mb


Mario Party DS

Title Resolution Size
Daisy 800x600 340kb
Daisy 1024x768 474kb
Daisy 1280x1024 666kb
Luigi 800x600 316kb
Luigi 1024x768 441kb
Luigi 1280x1024 608kb
Mario 800x600 332kb
Mario 1024x768 463kb
Mario 1280x1024 599kb
Peach 800x600 326kb
Peach 1024x768 452kb
Peach 1280x1024 590kb
Toad 800x600 300kb
Toad 1024x768 420kb
Toad 1280x1024 541kb
Waluigi 800x600 319kb
Waluigi 1024x768 439kb
Waluigi 1280x1024 607kb
Wario 800x600 287kb
Wario 1024x768 401kb
Wario 1280x1024 517kb
Yoshi 800x600 322kb
Yoshi 1024x768 447kb
Yoshi 1280x1024 576kb


New Super Mario Bros. (DS)

Title Resolution Size
New Super Mario Bros. 800x600 240kb
New Super Mario Bros. 1024x768 263kb
New Super Mario Bros. 1280x1024 901kb
New Super Mario Bros. (2) 800x600 73kb
New Super Mario Bros. (2) 1024x768 103kb
New Super Mario Bros. (2) 1280x1024 141kb
1-Up Mushroom 800x600 191kb
1-Up Mushroom 1024x768 261kb
1-Up Mushroom 1280x1024 363kb
Bowser 800x600 111kb
Bowser 1024x768 138kb
Bowser 1280x1024 622kb
Bowser Jr. 800x600 88kb
Bowser Jr. 1024x768 110kb
Bowser Jr. 1280x1024 411kb
Enemies 800x600 132kb
Enemies 1024x768 190kb
Enemies 1280x1024 273kb
Fire Mario 800x600 120kb
Fire Mario 1024x768 151kb
Fire Mario 1280x1024 603kb
Luigi 800x600 90kb
Luigi 1024x768 115kb
Luigi 1280x1024 528kb
Mario 800x600 111kb
Mario 1024x768 162kb
Mario 1280x1024 0.97mb
Mario (2) 800x600 293kb
Mario (2) 1024x768 417kb
Mario (2) 1280x1024 678kb
Mario (3) 800x600 106kb
Mario (3) 1024x768 135kb
Mario (3) 1280x1024 629kb
Mario - DS Console 800x600 87kb
Mario - DS Console 1024x768 105kb
Mario - DS Console 1280x1024 340kb
Mushrooms 800x600 86kb
Mushrooms 1024x768 105kb
Mushrooms 1280x1024 416kb
Peach 800x600 87kb
Peach 1024x768 107kb
Peach 1280x1024 479kb
Mega Mario! 800x600 145kb
Mega Mario! 1024x768 193kb
Mega Mario! 1280x1024 695kb
Stars 800x600 106kb
Stars 1024x768 140kb
Stars 1280x1024 192kb
White Level 800x600 130kb
White Level 1024x768 200kb
White Level 1280x1024 317kb
White Level 1600x1200 461kb
New Super Mario Bros (Japan) 800x600 155kb
New Super Mario Bros (Japan) 1024x768 215kb
New Super Mario Bros (Japan) 1280x1024 300kb
New Super Mario Bros (Japan) 1600x1200 386kb


Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Title Resolution Size
Heroes 1024x768 528kb
Heroes 1280x1024 755kb
Heroes 1600x1200 1.06mb
Shell Attack 1024x768 509kb
Shell Attack 1280x1024 466kb
Shell Attack 1600x1200 1.55mb
Shroob 1024x768 498kb
Shroob 1280x1024 746kb
Shroob 1600x1200 1.52mb


Super Princess Peach

Title Resolution Size
Peach 800x600 82kb
Peach 1024x768 115kb
Peach 1280x1024 161kb
Peach (2) 800x600 146kb
Peach (2) 1024x768 207kb
Peach (2) 1280x1024 300kb
Peach (3) 800x600 79kb
Peach (3) 1024x768 113kb
Peach (3) 1280x1024 159kb


Wario: Master of Disguise

Title Resolution Size
Arty Wario 800x600 140kb
Arty Wario 1024x768 171kb
Captain Wario 800x600 115kb
Captain Wario 1024x768 138kb
Wario 800x600 138kb
Wario 1024x768 181kb


WarioWare: Touched

Title Resolution Size
18 Volt 800x600 193kb
18 Volt 1024x768 244kb
18 Volt (Left) 800x600 172kb
18 Volt (Left) 1024x768 225kb
18 Volt (Right) 800x600 157kb
18 Volt (Right) 1024x768 208kb
Ashley 800x600 154kb
Ashley 1024x768 519kb
Ashley (Left) 800x600 150kb
Ashley (Left) 1024x768 199kb
Ashley (Right) 800x600 131kb
Ashley (Right) 1024x768 182kb
Board 800x600 135kb
Board 1024x768 192kb
Dr. Crygor 800x600 192kb
Dr. Crygor 1024x768 237kb
Dr. Crygor (Left) 800x600 168kb
Dr. Crygor (Left) 1024x768 219kb
Dr. Crygor (Right) 800x600 157kb
Dr. Crygor (Right) 1024x768 205kb
Jimmy T 800x600 181kb
Jimmy T 1024x768 636kb
Jimmy T (Left) 800x600 160kb
Jimmy T (Left) 1024x768 210kb
Jimmy T (Right) 800x600 153kb
Jimmy T (Right) 1024x768 201kb
Mike 800x600 188kb
Mike 1024x768 236kb
Mike (Left) 800x600 160kb
Mike (Left) 1024x768 210kb
Mike (Right) 800x600 162kb
Mike (Right) 1024x768 213kb
Stache 800x600 118kb
Stache 1024x768 483kb
Stache (Left) 800x600 126kb
Stache (Left) 1024x768 167kb
Stache (Right) 800x600 117kb
Stache (Right) 1024x768 157kb
Touched 800x600 281kb
Touched 1024x768 350kb
Wario 800x600 212kb
Wario 1024x768 720kb
Wario (Left) 800x600 174kb
Wario (Left) 1024x768 229kb
Wario (Right) 800x600 170kb
Wario (Right) 1024x768 709kb


Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Beijing 2008)

Title Resolution Size
Mario & Sonic 800x600 180kb
Mario & Sonic 1024x768 247kb


Yoshi's Island DS

Title Resolution Size
Donkey Kong (Baby) 800x600 152kb
Donkey Kong (Baby) 1024x768 210kb
Donkey Kong (Baby) 1280x1024 401kb
Mario (Baby) 800x600 159kb
Mario (Baby) 1024x768 213kb
Mario (Baby) 1280x1024 323kb
Peach (Baby) 800x600 147kb
Peach (Baby) 1024x768 209kb
Peach (Baby) 1280x1024 320kb
Wario (Baby) 800x600 158kb
Wario (Baby) 1024x768 225kb
Wario (Baby) 1280x1024 336kb


Yoshi's Touch & Go

Title Resolution Size
Baby Mario 800x600 99kb
Baby Mario 1024x768 152kb
Baby Mario 1280x1024 244kb
Cinema 800x600 189kb
Cinema 1024x768 287kb
Cinema 1280x1024 471kb
Yoshi & Baby Mario 800x600 106kb
Yoshi & Baby Mario 1024x768 149kb
Yoshi & Baby Mario 1280x1024 201kb

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