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MvDK: March of the Minis

Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

Release dates

Australia January 18, 2007
Europe March 9, 2007
Japan April 12, 2007
N.America September 25, 2006


General information

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developed by NST

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single player




Official description from Nintendo

Rave up fanatics! Our favorite duo, Mario Vs Donkey Kong, is back! And they mean business! If finding all the Mini Mario’s was up to Mario to save the day in our last outing, this time, they have been reversed the roles, it means Mario relies on the Mini Mario’s. In over 80 different levels and to utilize the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service, it features the easy accessible touch screen controls.

The whole hosts of Nintendo’s world famous characters made a welcome return in this game, and this includes Mario, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong's long lasting love Pauline. The story was started when Donkey Kong kidnaps Pauline because he was enraged and jealous of her fondness for Mini Mario over Mini DK that occurred during the ceremony of the new theme park of Mario, the Super Mini Mario World. Now, upon orders from Mario, it is up to Mini Mario to brave levels filled with mind bending obstacles and reach the top floor of the theme park, this is where Pauline was kept and waits for her mini heroes to rescue her.

The player will influence and guide the path that Mini Mario takes by their simple touch on the Nintendo DS’ touch screen using the stylus. Players can also create new paths by moving blocks, ride elevators and conveyor belts and avoiding hazards like fireballs. More so, there are lethal lavas and deadly water traps all lies waiting for our mini heroes on their march, therefore, in order to stand in a good stead, you must have a quick reactions, puzzle skills and a steady hand in this game. Playing fair isn’t Donkey Kong’s cup of tea in this game; he has his new weapons in the form of Crash Kong and Capture Kong that he will use against our heroes. Also, everything in the power of his sidekicks Mummy Guy and Snap Claw will be used up to ensure that the Mini Mario's will not be able to reach the exit door preventing them from moving onto the next level.

New challenges will be presented to all players in this game, featuring over 8 themes, 80 diverse, rich levels with bunch of hazards and puzzles. What's more enticing is that players can also create their own levels and maps using the 'new level editor' where in you could be able to share with other players all over the world, using the distinctive Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. A whole new dimension is what this features introduced to gameplay that creates a very interactive gaming milieu where in you and the others can compete in the levels you have both created. Using Friend Code system, players cannot only download levels from friends but can do so from anyone around the world and ensures that are spoilt with endless fun without any restriction.

A perfect combination of retro action and progressive modern-day puzzles and surely will be even more exciting and fun than its previous versions.



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