Mario Pinball Land

Release dates

Australia N/A
Europe November 26th, 2004
Japan August 26th, 2004
N.America October 4th, 2004


General information

Platform: Game Boy Advance

Developed by Fuse Games

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single-player




Experience Mario style in your Game Boy Advance in the Mario Pinball Land! Of course, Mario’s game world will never be complete without the need of rescuing the Princess in the hand of Bowser’s minions as they kidnapped her and escaped into another dimension. This time, the only way Mario could follow and save the Princess is to turn him into a super pinball and for a change, the signature jumping of our heroes is off the menu. In this game, players should use flippers as best as they can to help Mario roll and bounce as he rescues the Princess. By bouncing, try collecting the stars, eliminating enemies and beats five worlds that each has a boss at the end.

The first time Mario has been seen in a Pinball game was in 1984 on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that was when he made a cameo appearance in that game.


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