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Mario Party DS

Mario Party DS

Release dates

Australia December 6, 2007
Europe November 23, 2007
Japan November 8, 2007
N.America November 19, 2007


General information

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developed by Hudson Soft

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single & Multi player




Mario Party DS is a collection of 70 different mini games which break the mould from the classic Mini-games from the Mario party series due to being the first touch screen based mini games. Players can play multiplayer against one another in the same room with only one cartridge (allowing up to four players to join the Party!).

The dreaded button bashing of the past Mario Party series titles is all but eliminated due to the touch screen technology of the DS. Nintendo and Hudson have done their very best to utilise this in making the game easier and more fun than ever before, but without the inevitably RSI risk of the previous games!

The traditional Mario Party mini games have been easy to use and enjoyable by players of all skill pallets - and this is no different. The mini games are broken down into categories as below:-

  • One-on-one - a simple duel setup

  • Free-for all - every man for him (or her) self

  • Two v two - tag teams

  • Three v one - a quick way of eliminating that guy who always wins!!

The mini games can be played individually or as part of a larger competition/event.


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