Mario Party 7
Mario Party 7

Release dates

Australia June 12th, 2006
Europe February 10th, 2006
Japan November 10th, 2005
N.America November 7th, 2005


General information

Platform: GameCube

Developed by Hudson Soft

Published by Nintendo

Players: 1-4



Overview / Mini-Game List

Get ready for the wildest and craziest party ever, so go and grab seven of your closest friends! Mario Party 7 will keep you rockin’ with its exciting features include there in are two new characters, six new boards, and dozens upon dozens of new mini-games. Mario has been invited by Toadsworth, including all her friends, to go on a luxury cruise aboard the Mss Sea Star.


On the contrary, someone was left behind, yes! It is Bowser. The Koopa king gets so furious at being absent from the exclusive guest list. Then, all the passengers was in a great surprised for when the cruise ship arrives at its first destination, they discovered that their vacation paradise was turned into a stress-filled madhouse by of course, Bowser!


  • Six brand-new game boards to choose from which you can explore.
  • Four players more than the previous Mario Party titles. That means up to eight players can participate in the action.
  • 86 new mini-games that the Mario Party 7 will feature, 11 of which use the Nintendo GameCube Mic.

Mario Party 7 features 88 Mini-Games comprising; eighteen 4-player Mini-Games, fifteen 3-v-1 Mini-Games, twelve 2-v-2 Mini-Games, five Battle Mini-Games, twelve duel-Mini-Games, twelve 8-player Mini-Games, six Donkey Kong Mini-Games, six Bowser Mini-Games three of which are single player and three of which are multiplayer, two Rare Mini-Games and a final Boss Mini-Game.


4-player Mini-Games

Balloon Busters

Big Dripper

Bubble Brawl

Catchy Tunes

Clock Watchers


Dart Attack

Fun Run

Ghost in the Hall

Kart Wheeled


Oil Crisis

Picture This

Pokey Pummel

Snow Ride

Take Me Ohm

Target Tag

Track & Yield


Battle Mini-Games

Air Farce

Deck Hands


Monty's Revenge

The Final Countdown


Duel Mini-Games

Apes of Wrath

Bridge Work

Camp Ukiki

Fish & Cheeps

Gimme a Sign

Hip Hop Drop

Light Speed

Mad Props

Royal Rumpus

Spin Doctor

Warp Pipe Dreams

Weight for It


Donkey Kong Mini-Games

A Bridge Too Short

Bananas Faster

Jump, Man

Peel Out

Stump Change

Vine Country


Bowser Mini-Games

Funderwall! (Multiplayer)

Funstacle Course! (Multiplayer)

Magmagical Journey! (Multiplayer)

Slot-O-Whirl! (Singleplayer)

Treasure Dome! (Singleplayer)

Tunnel of Lava! (Singleplayer)

3-v-1 Mini-Games


Be My Chum!

Boxing Day

Coin-op Bop

Easy Pickings


La Bomba

Number Crunchers


Spinner Cell

Spray Anything


Think Tank

Wheel of Woe


2-v-2 Mini-Games

Battery Ram

Bumper Crop


Cardinal Rule

Herbicidal Maniac

Hop-O-Matic 4000

Pyramid Scheme

Sphere Factor

Spider Stomp

Tile and Error

Wingin' It

World Piece


8-player Mini-Games

Bomb-onic Plague

Bumper to Bumper

Duct & Cover

Gimme a Brake

Grin and Bar It

Hammer Spammer

Real Smoothie

Rope a Dope

Shock Absorbers

Spin Off


Unhappy Trails


Rare Mini-Games

Ice Moves
Stick and Spin


Boss Mini-Games

Bowser's Lovely Lift!



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