Mario Party 6
Mario Party 6

Release dates

Australia September 15th, 2005
Europe March 18th, 2005
Japan November 18th, 2004
N.America December 6th, 2004


General information

Platform: GameCube

Developed by Hudson Soft

Published by Nintendo

Players: 1-4



Overview / Mini-Game List

Rejoice, Mario Party animals! Mario Party 6 takes the fanatics and Mario aficionados to the next level of more than 75 newest mini-games, a Nintendo GameCube Mic and six fresh game boards. Invite your friends and clash with them in party-rockin' mini-games like, Astaroad Rage, Cashapult, Catch You Letter, and Mowtown. 

Split personality? That’s what this game gives as a new day and night system seen in the game boards and mini-games! Depending on the day’s time, you will like the characters emerge from hiding, the boards transform and mini-games change dramatically, and it also comes with a Nintendo GameCube Mic. The players can control some energetically fun mini-game action, especially with the sound of their voice.

Enjoy less down time between the turns and mini games because players can move faster! Speed your character around the board!


This title, Mario Party 6, features eighty-two mini games. It comprises; twenty one of 4-player Mini-Games, eighteen of 3-v-1 Mini-Games, six battle of Mini-Games, fifteen duel of Mini-Games, three Donkey Kong of Mini-Games, three Bowser of Mini-Games and four rare of Mini-Games.



4-player Mini-Games

Cannonball Fun

Catch You Letter

Circuit Maximus

Daft Rafts

Freeze Frame

Granite Getaway

Memory Lane


Odd Card Out


Snow Whirled

Treasure Trawlers

Tricky Tires

What Goes Up...


Duel Mini-Games

Asteroad Rage

Black Hole Boogie

Boo'd Off the Stage


Cog Jog

Full Tilt

Light Up My Night


Mass Meteor



Something's Amist

Sumo of Doom-o

T Minus Five

Trick or Tree


Donkey Kong Mini-Games

Banana Shake
Pier Factor

Tally Me Banana


Rare Mini-Games

Block Star

Dunk Bros.
Lab Brats
Seer Terror

3-v-1 Mini-Games

Ball Dozers

Cash Flow

Conveyor Bolt

Crate and Peril

Dust 'til Dawn

Pop Star

Ray of Fright

Shoot Yer Mouth Off

Sink or Swim

Snow Brawl

Stage Fright

Surge and Destroy

Talkie Walkie

Verbal Assault


2-v-2 Mini-Games

Body Builder



Clean Team

Garden Grab

Gondola Glide

Jump the Gun

Light Breeze

Pixel Perfect

Rocky Road
Slot Trot

Battle Mini-Games

Control Schtick

Hyper Snyper
Stamp by Me
Strawberry Shortfuse
Wrasslin' Rapids


Bowser Mini-Games

Dark 'n Crispy

Dizzy Rotisserie
Pit Boss




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