Mario Party 5 Review by AMitsugi
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Mario Party 5 Review

I must say I ''LOVE'' Mario Party, and they have done a much better job with the games. The games are much more harder (Even in Normal Level for CPU opponents) and you have to think a bit more, timing is of the essential, and button mashing will wreck controllers.

The mini games themselves are quite challenging and I must applaud Nintendo for making so many new ones, yet, listening to us viewers in keeping some of the favorite ones (Although there are a few from earlier MP that I would love to see back). For gameplay, it has not changed, in party mode, win as many stars as possible.

In Party mode, there are so many unique Happening spaces and surprises that really intrigued me. All the game boards are quite cool, but it is hard getting them all. Also, 10 playable characters (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Walugi, Yoshi) but now you can play Boo, Toad and Koopa Kid. The number of turns for the game can be changed from 10 to 50 (in 5 turn increments), still keeping the last 5 turns format the same from MP4.

I would recommend reading the instruction manual JUST to get an idea of all those capsule items, there are too many and I have been keeping the manual close at hand to get an idea of how it works. The unique aspect of these capsules, is you can use it on yourself (sometimes for a coin fee) or you can set a ''TRAP'' up to 10 spaces from where you are and try and get someone else.

The chance spot went back to its old MP format of stopping a spinning characters and items, but the speed of the spinning is the same for all three, so it is really luck that plays a key.

My MAJOR disappointment was the Story mode, although the game play was not what I didn't link, it was the STORY itself.....pretty lame.

The added bonuses are good, although having hockey and volleyball was a unique addition but not necessary. Although, a recommendation for MP6, have a decathlon mini-game where you score it LIKE a decathlon. I am working on a decathlon scoring system for the mini games (as soon as I get them all).Mario

Otherwise, a MUST for multi-player, and single player party mode is good, but skip the story mode (but play it so you can get an extra play field later).

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