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Mario Party 4 Review

The Nintendo Party is back on GameCube with its 4 player action! This is called "Mario Party 4", the 4th version and for GameCube only! Mario Party 1,2 & 3 were originally made for the Nintendo 64. This game has came back with all new Boards, Features & Mini Games.

The idea of this game is to collect stars, you will need have a number that will land on the star or go past it to get it, you will have to pay 20 coins for it. At the end there are also Bonus stars, who collected the most coins, who did the best in the best in the Mini Games and who land on the most Happening Spaces. There are 8 characters to go, 5 Boards, 8 different spaces & 14 items.

The Graphics are fairly good, not the best and not the worst. The Boards are set up nice and the Characters look fine. The water effects are good, but not as good as Wave Race: Blue Storm water effects. The Mini Games have good Graphics, the game gives that cartoonish feel, but like a lot of the games, cartoonish Graphics are better than real, because it is originally made in cartoonish style.

The sound is good. Sound occurs everywhere in the game, they have their own realistic voices. The Mini Games sound is nice, from the water sounds to the Three Throw Mini Game missing sounds etc. The start up of the game has really good Sound, where Toad and the rest of his crew come out of a present.

Mario Party 4 title screen

On this game the Gameplay is quite good, the buttons are always different on all of the Mini Games, because you are doing different things. A button is to hit the dice to see how many spaces you will go. B button will open item menu, go back and cancel an item. Z button will display the Board Map ( This is useful to see where the stars are ).

There are 3 types of ways you will play the Mini Games, 4 player Mini Games, which you all have to land on the same space. 1 Vs. 3 Mini Games are formed by 1 person landing on a Space that is a different colour to the others are standing on. 2 Vs. 2 Mini Games are formed by 2 people land on the same space as each other and the other 2 on the same space aswell. There are so many more modes to do.


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Yoshi
  • Daisy
  • Donkey Kong
  • Wario
  • Waluigi


  • Toads Midway Madness - Difficulty: *
  • Shy Guys Jungle Jam - Difficulty: *
  • Goombas Greedy Gate - Difficulty: **
  • Boos Haunted Bash - Difficulty: **
  • Koopas Sea Side Soiree - Difficulty: **

Peach caught Yoshi in a net, how inconsiderate


  • Blue Spaces - Blue Spaces give you 3 coins when you land on them.
  • Red Spaces - Red Spaces take 3 coins of you when you land on them.
  • Happening Spaces - If you land on a Happening Space, a Board Event will begin.
  • Warp Spaces - If you land on a Warp Space, a spinner with the 3 other characters heads on it, and you press A and it will land n a person and you will go where they are and take coins of them.
  • Mushroom Spaces - If you land on a Mushroom Space, with the hand you will then have to choose the small box or the large box, to get a Mega Mushroom or a Mini Mushroom.
  • Battle Spaces - If you land on a Battle Space, a Battle Mini Game will begin and all players will have to pay the number of coins chose of the spinner, and at the end the coins get shared out.
  • Bowser Space - If you land on a Bowser Space, Little Bowser will take 10 or 20 coins of you.
  • Fortune Space - If you land on a Fortune Space, you can play a round of Reversal of Fortune.

The lastability on this game is good and bad, depending whether you have friends that like to play Multi Player 4 players or something. The more humans playing, the better it is and you wont get bored as quick. This game is average to you will get bored in one player, Multi Player is more fun as I said. But this game has extra features, you can just play the Mini Games when you want, but only the ones you have unlocked. But because just the one game goes for about 1 hour or over, it can last a fair few hours. This game will keep you occupied for a fair while.


  • More Features on the boards.
  • 8 characters to choose from.
  • 4th Version on GameCube and only for GameCube.
  • 50 Mini Games for you to enjoy.
  • Great Multi Player action.
  • 5 different Boards to use.

Final thoughts: Waluigi statue
This game is very good, but not quite excellent, go out and buy it, it is well worth it. I'm wondering if there will be a 5th version as there were 3 on the Nintendo 64.

Graphics score: 18
Sounds score: 18
Gameplay score: 18
Lastability score: 17
Reviewers tilt score: 17
Overall score: 9/10

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