Mario Golf Toadstool Tour Cheats & Tips (Gamecube)

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (Gamecube) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (Gamecube)


Better Players
To get better versions of each player, accept their invitation in Character Matches Mode and defeat them. Note: You'll see an envelope next to the character with an invitation. Only beating characters through invitation earns you upgraded stats for that character!


Change Weather
Save your game and then reload it. The weather is randomly generated each time the hole loads.


Extra Tournaments
Several unique tournaments can be entered by accessing Mario Golf's cheat menu. Press Start + Z at the title screen to access the cheat menu.

Hole In One Contest: Accessed in Special Tournaments menu. For other tournaments, choose Password Tournament, then enter any of the following:

Target Bullseye: CEUFPXJ1
Hollywood Video Tournament: BJGQBULZ
Camp Hyrule Tournament: OEKW5G7U
Mario open: GGAA241H
Bowser Badlands Tour: 9L3L9KHR
Bowser Jr. Jumbo Tourney: 2GPL67PN


Pikmin at the Peach Invitational
During the Peach Invitational, if your ball lands in the yellow flowers you will hear a weird noise and see small Pikmin fly out screaming. Press B to see an instant replay of the action!


Quick Replay
Once your shot has stopped, press B to watch an immediate replay. The angle will change each time you view the replay. Press A to speed the ball up during the replay.


Reset Pin Location
Don't like where a pin is located? Save your game and when you load it up the pin will be randomly relocated.


Restart Hole
At any time in any one-player game mode that allows you to save (i.e. Tournament Mode, Character Matches), you can restart a hole you're doing poorly on. Save the game and when you reload you will begin at your drive and all uses of Power and all shots will be erased, giving you a second chance.


Super Spins
When setting the accuracy meter, there are four types of spins you can apply depending on your button combo press. You must enter the combo quickly:

A, A: Normal topspin
B, B: Normal Backspin
A, B: Super topspin
B, A: Super backspin


Taunting opponents
If playing a multiplayer game (with multiple controllers), press any button or use the C-Stick when it isn't your turn to taunt the opponent. Each character has four separate taunt phrases/sounds. Pressing and holding a button and moving the analog will yield more (and nastier) phrases. When you taunt you can either use the C-stick for nice taunts or the D-pad for evil taunts. This makes it easy to do multiple taunts for maximum annoyance of other players for when you want the others to screw up in really competitive games where heavy bets have been placed. Just roll your thumbs on the d-pad and c-stick and it will make their mind twist and flip.

Cheep Cheep Falls Course: Win Lakitu Cup in Tournament Mode.
Shifting Sands Course: Win Cheep Cheep Tournament in Tournament Mode.
Blooper Bay Course: Win Sands Classic in Tournament Mode.
Peach's Castle Grounds: Win Blooper Open in Tournament Mode.
Bowser Badlands Course: Win Peach's Invitational in Tournament Mode.
Birdie Challenge Back Nine: Beat the front nine in Birdie Challenge.
Boo: Earn 50 Best Badges in Tournament Mode.
Bowser Jr.: Earn all stars in the Ring Mode with any one character.
Petey Piranha: Complete Shooting, Approaching, and Putting side games on all 3 difficulty levels.
Shadow Mario: Collect a Best Badge for every hole in Tournament Mode.

Unlock Peach Open
To unlock the Peach Open, at the main menu hold Z and press START. Then at the special tournaments page enter the code ELBUT3PX.

Unlock Bowser's Big Blast
After unlocking the Password Tournament feature, type in 9L3L9KHR to get the tournament, Bowser's Big Blast, on Bowser's Badlands.


If you know about any cheats we don't have, or you have some tips not listed below please let us know and we will add them, crediting the submitter.

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