Mario Golf (Game Boy Colour) Review by blueb11
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Mario Golf (Game Boy Colour) Review

Mario Golf is one of those games that not many people own, but those who do, love it.

In this game you can have up to three characters, and you can play as the champs, too, once you beat them in a match game. You can view you best shots and look at a dictionary chalk-full of golf lingo. For newcomers to the sport, you might be like, ''Dormie? Huh? What's that? What do you mean, a lob shot? Semi-rough, bunker, what's the difference?'' This dictionary is very helpful.

Everyone who tries golf falls in love with the sport. You are a member of Marion golf club. The club champs name is Putts. The other local golf clubs are Palm, Dune, and Link, and their champs are Grace, Tiny, and Gene Yuss. Your way is to work your way up to the top by winning tournaments and defeating the champs in match games. And maybe, someday, you will get to meet the legendary golfer, Mario, himself!

You can be a boy or girl, young or teenage, left or right-handed. You choose a name, and then your off!

This game is very fun. Like they say, ''Everyone who tries golf falls in love with the sport,'' I can equally say, ''Everyone who tries Mario Golf falls in love with the game -- and the sport!''

This also helps you learn a lot about real golf -- what a birdie is, and an eagle, and how the are different, what par is, and other things. You'll learn what a dormie is, that the least points wins, and tons -- literally tons -- of golf terms.

Mario Golf is sort of like... a sporty version of pok'emon, except instead of creatures, there are clubs, and instead of trainers, there are golfers. Alright, so maybe it's a stretch, but...

Let me just put it this way: Mario Golf is a great game, for golf lovers, golf skeptics, golf haters -- anybody! It will turn pure hatred of golf into enthusiasm, and skeptics will lose all doubt as they tee-off. Golf lovers, this gameBowser in Mario Golf is a must have! This game is wonderful. There's no waiting for people to finish the hole in front of you, there's nobody behind you yelling, ''Hey bozo! Hurry it up up there!''

If you look at the scoreboards while in a tournament, you'll notice the names of some people are characters in video games. For example, in the Links Tournament, looking at the scoreboard you will see various Legend Of Zelda characters.

As far as Game Boy games go, this one is a definite plus to Nintendo's huge supply of great games. After all, I did give this game a 9 out of 10 -- isn't that good?

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