Mario Drama Island: Episode 1 Part 2

(We now go the bonfire ceremony, which the fire isn't lit up, and all of the campers were looking at Ballyhoo.) 

Ballyhoo: As you all know, Camp Mushroom will be your home for the next eight weeks. Each three days, one camper will be taking the Pipe of Losers that will take them to the Castle for Losers. The last camper standing will win a million coins. 

Yoshi: Hey, what about our sleeping arangements? 

Fran: They're not co-ed, are they? 

Ballyhoo: No, girls get one side of the cabin, and the boys get the other. 

Peach: Um, can i get a cabin with a lake side view, since i'm the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom? 

Ballyhoo: Nope. That's not how it works. 

Vivian: I have to live with Mowz, or i'll die! 

Mowz: And i'll break out in hives. It's true. 

Rosalina: This cannot be happening. 

Mario: Come on guys. It'll be like a big sleepover. 

Ballyhoo: Here's the deal. We are going to split you guys up into teams. Trevor, Mario, Koops, Fran, Toad, Flurrie, Rawk, Rosalina, Fran, Peach and Mowz. You will all be known as, The Screaming Goombas. (Tosses Mario a red banner with a goomba on it.) 

Mario: Yahoo! I'm a Goomba. 

Mowz: Wait. What about Vivian? 

Ballyhoo: As for the rest of you. Goombella, Wario, Waluigi, Ingrid, Luigi, Daisy, Yoshi, Bowser Jr, Toadette, Vivian and Birdo. You all are known as the Killer Koopas. (Tosses Vivian a green banner with a Koopa on it.) 

Vivian: But Mowz is a goomba. I want to be a goomba. 

Goombella: Come on, Vivian. It's not the end of the world. 

Vivian: It's so unfair. I'll miss you Mowz. 

Mowz: I'll miss you too, Vivian. 

Ballyhoo: Now then, you and your team will be on camera in all public areas during the competition. 

[Ballyhoo: There is also a confession can where you can express your feelings with video diary's anytime you want to let the people at home know what you are really thinking or getting something off your chest.] 

[Rosalina: Um, far, this stinks.] 

[Peach: I don't get it. Where's the camera?] 

[Wario: Hey you guys, i have something to tell you. (Lifts up his leg, farts and laughs.)] 

Ballyhoo: Any questions? Cool. Let's find your cabins. Goombas, your cabin is on the west. Koopas, your cabin is on the east. 

(The Goomba girls open their cabin door and sees bunk beds.) 

Fran: Oh teriffic. What a camp cabin this is...not. 

Rosalina: That's the way it is, Fran. 

Fran: Whatever. 

Koops: Wow, smart and beautiful. I like that. 

Rosalina: Shouldn't you be on the boys side. 

(Koops get thrown out of the girls cabin) 

Peach: Where are the outlets? I have to do my hair. 

Ballyhoo: There are some in the communical bathroom, just across the way. 

(Cuts to the bathroom that slimy and disgusting.) 

Peach: Communical bathroom? But i'm cathloicth. 

Ballyhoo: Not commuian commuial. 

Rosalina: It means we shower together. 

Peach: (Cries) I don't deserve this! 

Mario: I'm glad us boys get the cabins together. Just with guys. Know what i mean? 

(Everybody looked at Mario) 

Mario: Um, what i meant is that i like sleeping with guys. 

(Trevor and Toad walked away) 

Mario: No, i mean, i like sleeping with chicks but, Doh! 

Yoshi: Yo, Ballyhoo. Are there any machines of any kind. 

Ballyhoo: Sorry Yoshi, but only the cameras and the microphones are the only machines we have. You all have thirty minutes to unpack and meet me back at the main lodge. 

(We hear a girl screaming.) 

Flurrie: Man, that girl can scream. 

Peach: Help! A cockroach! Somebody save me! 

(Wario stepped on the cockrach) 

Rosalina: Well that's one way to kill a cockroach. 

Waluigi: Wow. 

(We now go the the cafe, which the campers are wondering who the chef will be.) 

Toadette: I wonder who our chef will be? 

Daisy: Beats me. I hope it's not- 

(Before Daisy was about to speak. Bowser popped up.) 

Bowser: HA HA HA! Surprised to see me? I will be your chef today, and my oh my, this will be fun! (Laughs) 

(All the campers were frightened. They screamed and shaked.) 

Bowser: (Stops laughing) No, seriously. I am your chef. I have to earn four hundred community based hours so i can be free from jail. 

Bowser Jr: Yo, pops! 

Bowser: (Shocked) Hey son, i'm shocked that you are here. 

Bowser Jr: It's a pleasure, papa. 

Toadette: Excuse me, but is this food good for you. 

(Bowser splats food on Toadette's tray.) 

Waluigi: Yeah, we need a good diet to keep our stamina up. 

Flurrie: Hi Ingrid. How are you? 

Ingrid: (Walks away and ignore's Flurrie) 

Flurrie: Oh, it's like that, is it? 

Bowser: Next! 

Peach: Hey, you don't mind if i don't eat anything over nine humdred calories. 

Rosalina: Not a problem. 

Peach: Nice. 

Rosalina: Wait. My food just moved. 

(Bowser grabs a mallet, and smashes her food.) 

Rosalina: (Scared) Uh, okay. Thank you. 

Ballyhoo: Welcome to the main lounge. 

Yoshi: Hey Ballyhoo, can we get a pizza or something? 

(After hearing that comment, Bowser threw a knife, Yoshi dodged it, and the knife hit the wall.) 

Yoshi: Sorry about that. But brown slop isn't good for you. Right? 

Ballyhoo: The first challenge will start in one hour. 

Vivian: What do you think they'll make us do? 

DK: It's our first challenge. How hard can it be? 

(We now go the the thousand foot cliff with a river.) 

Rosalina: I so wanna go home.

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