Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (Game Boy Advance) Character Artwork & Scenes
Rendered Artwork

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A_Yoshi at the Yoshi Theater

Yoshi eating popcorn at the Cinema.

Beanbean Guard

A Beanbean guard.


A Beanstar.

Angry Bowser




Fawful An Advisor
Fawful A  Beanbean Advisor
Lady lima Mario and Luigi about to perform a Spin Jump
Lady Lima Mario riding on Luigi's rather unstable shoulders

Luigi and Mario

Luigi and Mario.

Mario and Luigi torso shot

Luigi and Mario torso shot

Mario and Luigi performing a High Jump Mario and Luigi performing a Spin Jump
Mario giving Luigi a helping hand into the air Luigi and Mario performing a spin jump

Poople stealing a bag of swag

Poople and a bag of swag

Prince Peasley Princess Peach
Prince Peasley Princess Peach

Queen Bean

Queen Bean

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