Mario & Luigi: Bowsers inside story (DS) Artwork including enemies, bosses and the main characters
Rendered Artwork

Mario & Luigi Bowsers inside story logo small

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General Artwork


A Group of Blitties


A Blodog.


Bowser with his arms folded, in a defensive stance. I'd be defensive too if plumbers were running round in me.

Bowser and his Goomba army

Bowser ordering an army of Goombas to attack, flames roaring behind them!


Broque Madame

Broque Madame.


Broque Monsieur

Broque Monsieur... mmmmm cheesy goodness.


Corporal Paraplonk

Corporal Paraplonk


Dark Star

The Dark Star

Chakron Doctor Toadley and Birdley
Chakron Doctor Toadley and Birdley


Fawful standing on an electrified platform


Group Picture of a few of the characters in this game

A group picture including lots of the main characters of Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story


Luigis new Snack Basket move

Luigi has suffered a bad case of over indulgence.


Mario and Luigi With Hammers

Mario and Luigi armed with their hammers.


Mario Luigi and Starlow

Mario, Luigi and Starlow.


Mario Luigi and Starlow

Mario carrying Luigi and Starlow looking shocked.


Mario Luigi and Starlow inside Bowser

Mario, Luigi and Starlow exploring Bowsers errr.. well... insides.





New Years card made by developers of the game

A New Years card from the team who developed the game.


Private Goomp

Private Goomp.

Red Toad

Toad carrying a wooden case


Sergeant Guy

Sergeant Guy





Starlow flying along

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