Luigi's Mansion (Gamecube) game information & media
Luigi's Mansion

Release dates

Australia Unconfirmed
Europe May 3rd, 2002
Japan September 14th, 2001
N.America November 18th, 2001


General information

Platform: GameCube

Developed by Nintendo EAD

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single-player





Luigi’s Mansion is an enjoyable game to play and a perfect showcase for the GameCube’s housepower where Luigi—Mario’s younger brother and co-star in other Mario game series—is the lead character. In the game, Luigi inherited a spooky mansion lurked with unseen entities provided he can muster the courage to spend a night within its confines.


Luigi arrived at the mansion armed with Ghostbuster-like devices, which stuns the ghost with light and vacuums them up safely, to clean the house of ghosts and to find his missing brother, Mario. However, the gameplay gets tricky when light-shy ghosts disappears even before Luigi can put the Hoover on them. Moreover, if one of the spectral entities sneaks up on Luigi he will loose courage, and the Mario game’s currency: gold coins.


Graphically, the game is interesting and fun to play for its translucent ghost, mirrored images, and particle effect (Luigi’s vacuum device can also suck the dust off a chair and the mist out of a freezer). The campy visuals are cuter than being spooky, so even jumpy Mario fans will love the game.


The Story



The first title game “Luigi” in the Mario game series is Luigi’s Mansion, where Luigi received an unexpected message: “You’ve won a huge mansion!” To celebrate the good news, he called his brother Mario and asked him to come with him to the mansion.


However, along his way to his inheritance, he got lost in the dark eerie forest. He tried following the map and finally arrived at a gloomy mansion on the edge of the woods. The moment he set foot on the mansion he felt extremely anxious. There were spooky ghost lurking the castle. Not to mention the fact that his brother Mario, who should have been there first, is nowhere to be seen adds up to his nervousness.


“Mario! Help me!” he screamed when a ghost suddenly lunged at him. That when a old man carrying a vacuum cleaner on his back choose to appear on the scene. The eccentric fellow managed to rescue Luigi from the ghost attacking him and helped him escaped.


It’s fortunate that that night Professor Elvin Gadd, the old man who lives near the house, is researching about his favorite subject, ghosts! Luigi told the professor that his brother Mario was mission, so Professor E. Gadd gave two of his inventions called “Game Boy Horror” to Luigi that will enable him to find Mario.


Being not so brave, can Luigi manage to get rid of the ghosts and find his missing brother?


Interesting Facts

  •               It is the first game in the Mario game series which is entitled “Luigi”
  •               Upon completing the game the players can go to a “secret mansion”
  •               It is a gamecube launch title
  •               Boo’s from various other games such as Mario World are back
  •         The devices given by Professor E. Gadd to Luigi was called “Game Boy    Horror”
  •              When the game is complete, Luigi build a mansion that is not haunted on    the land where his mansion was (the house size depends on how much    money you earned from the game).

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