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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by luke, May 14, 2014.

  1. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Hey all,

    We're looking for some Mario fans with decent writing skills to review Mario titles.

    Anyone who is interested please post up here and I'll contact you for more info


  2. DPV

    DPV Member

    Sure, I'd be willing to review. Anything to write and improve my writing.
  3. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    That would be excellent! What Mario games have you played to completion lately? Do you do quite a bit of writing, blogging already then?
  4. DPV

    DPV Member

    I've played through a good portion of most Mario games (from main series to spin-offs)--either to full completion or deep enough where I may look at a video to see the absolute end or whatever. Namely, in the past couple of months I've beaten 3D World, 3D Land, Sunshine, Dark Moon, etc.

    And yes, I do write in my spare time and have tried my hand at blogging before. I've also done review-type writings, but for wrestling shows as opposed to video games.
  5. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Excellent! I am rather out of touch with portable games, it would be great if you could write a review of Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon and maybe Dream Team Bros? even Mario Golf WT if you have it yet?

    Nice @ wrestling show reviews, WWE? I used to love WCW Monday Nitro... the original NWO days!
  6. DPV

    DPV Member

    I do have World Tour, and I'd love to do reviews for all three of those games if you'd like. Any specific format or deadline you want me to adhere to?

    And yes, lifelong WWE fan.
  7. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    If you could do World Tour first would be excellent. Deadline: Whenever is convenient for you.

    I am no expert in terms of reviewing, however this is the format my last one for 3D World was in:
    If you can do it better (as you are actually a writer, reviewer so you probably can) then that's all good with me.

    In the Monday Nitro era of NWO when they first came in and started taking over who was your favourite Wrestler? I loved Sting/Lex Luger, I thought they might have been strong enough to stand against the darkness! :-/
  8. DPV

    DPV Member

    Around that time I'd have to say I was loyal to The Giant. I couldn't stand Hogan and I was still kinda bitter over Scott Hall and Kevin Nash jumping ship from the WWF to WcW. Sting and Luger were kinda "there" for me; I didn't particularly like them but couldn't find much I didn't like about them. Maybe the wrestling discussion could be posed in another section of the forum (possibly if anyone else on this site dabbled in sports-entertainment obsession too?).

    And that's perfect--I'll message you once the World Tour review is finished. I'll base my format off of yours but work it around in ways I may see fit. Thanks for the opportunity man!
  9. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    True the giant was a nice independent Mysterious Force. I could NOT believe he joined NWO in the end. I was just a pure WCW'er I didnt know much about the WWF tbh. Apart from that I played WWF game on the SNES a lot, I was always Hawk and Animal :)

    I just created a subforum under general chat for Sports / Sports Entertainment. Excellent suggestion

    Look forward to hearing from you on the World Tour review :) Thanks for helping!
  10. OriginalUserName

    OriginalUserName New Member

    I will be willing to be review. More than likely i'll only be getting around to retro mario games.
  11. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Hey OriginalUserName - drop me a mail on and let me know which you'd like to do - retro game reviews are always more than welcome. :)

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