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Discussion in 'Artwork, Comics and Fiction' started by luke, May 16, 2014.

  1. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Hey all,

    We're now accepting Fan Art submissions (for the first time in many years) so if you like to draw, paint or otherwise create any Super Mario series related works please do either post them here or mail me on luke AT classic-mario DOT net.

    We are also offering any artists who send stuff in a link back of their choice, including links to their social media accounts twitter tumblr etc or even deviantart page if they're on it.
  2. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Hey The Falcon Punch Master, nice one :) just added this pic thats for submitting it (And sorry it took so long to reply, World of Warcraft doesn't help me get anything productive done thats for sure)
  3. Daemon64

    Daemon64 New Member

    luigi cat.png I created this in Windows paint
  4. LunarTanooki

    LunarTanooki New Member

    Do you accept Nintendo fanart?
  5. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Nice work Daemon

    @LunarTanooki yes as long as there is some bit of Mario reference in it, you can submit to luke / AT / :)
  6. Mario Games

    Mario Games New Member

    Hey luke, its me from Mario Game, i got some ideas.
  7. NanoRim

    NanoRim New Member

  8. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

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