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Discussion in 'Mario Kart Series' started by luke, May 12, 2014.

  1. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Hey all,

    To celebrate the release of Mario Kart 8 at the end of May I am looking to run a tournament (potentially the first of many) and would just like to see how many people would be interested in participating in it

    Please post the following to register interest
    - Playername/nick
    - Country
    - When did you first start Karting? What game?

    Players from all around the world are welcome. There will be some prizes too, if Nintendo provide some great, if they don't... then I will.

    I'll be racing myself, but will obviously be exempt from any prizes ... a) because I'm too decrepit to possibly win b) because giving myself a prize would be a bit weird.

    If anyone has any experience of running online tournaments of any kind and might want to help out, that would be great too. More details will be announced once I've seen how Mario Kart 8's online platform is and how best to run things, but with up to 12 players in one race, one thing is for certain... its going to be the best chaotic fun we've had in a while :)
  2. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

  3. DPV

    DPV Member

    I hope it's alright for new members to join--I saw the promo on Tumblr and couldn't resist.

    The Voc
    United States
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  4. rarishes

    rarishes New Member

    Definitely interested!

    United States
    Super Mario Kart
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  5. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome DPV/rarishes.
    Of course, all are welcome to join! This forum is brand new, so if it was members only, it would've been me vs. the Cpu every race ;-D

    More info will follow post-release once we've seen how the platform works :)
  6. InfernoUprising

    InfernoUprising New Member

    I would love to join!!!!!

    United States
    Mario Kart Double Dash!! (Best mario kart ever)
  7. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Yeaaah!!! I'm a big fan of MKDD too. Welcome Inferno :)
  8. Tinks

    Tinks New Member

    Tinkeeeeh ENTERS THE FRAY
  9. Ahmed Nasir

    Ahmed Nasir New Member

    I love Mario Kart and I really cannot wait to play this game this Friday!

    Ahmed Nasir
    United Kingdom
    Mario Kart DS
  10. DsMan1

    DsMan1 New Member

    Thanks for the follow on Twitter! Hopefully, I will get my pre-ordered copy on Friday.

    United States
    Super Mario Kart (SNES)
  11. Nathd1367

    Nathd1367 New Member

    Thanks for the follow! more than interested in the Mario Kart tournament.

    United Kingdom
    Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA)
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  12. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Ahh some UK'ers! I feel less lonely now - thanks for registering all. If you got any friends who are going to be karting pls do mention this to them :)
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  13. Ryan

    Ryan New Member

    count me in please!
    Good old SNES

  14. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome aboard big bad Ryan, add me tmb.luke I'll be on tonight karting aggressively
  15. Giantmushroom

    Giantmushroom New Member

    If there is still room I'd love to participate. Thanks.

    Mario Kart: Double Dash in 2003
  16. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Giantmushroom, of course! We will do as many groups as needed :) Welcome

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