Favorite Boss Battle Music?

Discussion in 'Gaming (Non Mario)' started by DPV, Aug 2, 2014.

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    Boss battle music can make or break a game from an aesthetic point of view. It has to capture the intensity and drama of the fight as best as it can. I'd post this in the Mario games board and ask the same question but currently my favorite piece of boss battle music is from the Molgera battle in TLoZ: The Wind Waker.

    The HD remake of this song is amazing too, but I feel the original captures an "underdog hero" feel better.
    Feel free to share your favorite music from any boss battles you've come across in gaming.
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    Hey DPV, (Yeah, I'm alive)

    Yeah thats pretty epic, the only sort of game I play with any sort of intensity/drama level is the PVE element of WOW but tbh I can't even hear that music in my head so I'm choosing my failsafe on this one:-

    Super Mario World - Bowser fight at the end!

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