Character Discussion #2: Wiggler

Discussion in 'Mario Characters' started by DPV, May 28, 2014.

  1. DPV

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    Through the magic of randomizing Mario Kart 7 racers, this week's character discussion is on our beloved flower-wearing giant insect, Wiggler. Feel free to continue talking about Peach alongside this one.

    Wiggler has been an enemy in nearly every Mario game since its inception in SMW. One was a boss in Tiny-Huge Island in SM64, and a green one terrorized Gelato Beach in SMS. Wiggler is a unique enemy in the sense that he turns red and angry upon hitting him, even in Mario Kart 7.

    Wiggler has also played tennis and baseball with the Mario crew, he's been a thorn in Mario Party-goers sides in plenty of those games, he's even a groundskeeper of his very own golf course, Wiggler Park, in the new 3DS game (which, by the way, I wrote a review for on the main site. Shameless plug.)

    What do you guys think about Wiggler?
  2. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    One of my favorite Mario enemies since the day I met him in the Forest of Illusion for the first time. We got on well initially, but then he just went mad with anger. When did you guys first meet him/her?
  3. rarishes

    rarishes New Member

    Same here, Super Mario World! I like him. I didn't know he played in some of the sports games though, that's kinda hard to picture hahahha.
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  4. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Which is his bat hand? does he.. have ... hands?
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  5. DPV

    DPV Member

    His appearances do bend his appearance a lot--some games he has legs, some he has hands, some he has both. He's got plenty of limbs to hold a bat.

    Now which ones he actually uses to play baseball, that's a different question.
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  6. Tinks

    Tinks New Member

    You know what I say, if it Wiggles, kill it.
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  7. N-Joy

    N-Joy New Member

    A cool enemy, friendly and ferocious. He provided some of the best trampoline practice I ever had back in SMRPG.
  8. luke

    luke Administrator Staff Member

    Wiggle wiggle wiggle.. Yeah
  9. YearOfLuigi

    YearOfLuigi New Member

    I really like his use in the New SMB Wii U. Using him as a train was freaking great :D

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