Better Galaxy Game?

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Which Galaxy game was better (in your opinion, of course)?

  1. Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

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  2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

  1. DPV

    DPV Member

    The Super Mario Galaxy series is seven years old, with the last installment coming four years ago. Doesn't that make you feel old? Anyway....

    I personally love both games. Innovative levels and a whole lot of fun. I do believe, however, Galaxy 2 improves on a lot from the original, while adding so much more (slightly better soundtrack, Yoshi!, more stuff with Green Stars, etc.). But, the first one had a much better hub world that's up there with Peach's Castle and Delfino Plaza as the best in the 3D Mario games. The first one was great, but something about the 2nd is even more special.

    I know a lot of people prefer the 2nd but I've heard some argument for why the 1st was better. I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on them.
  2. rarishes

    rarishes New Member

    I had a whole big boring thing typed up but it basically came down to agreeing with you. I love the first one so much, but the second one seems to have little improvements that make it just a bit better.
  3. Lightvayne

    Lightvayne New Member

    Holy crap, was it that long ago?

    While I would love to see another one, Nintendo has probably moved on to other things by now...
  4. DPV

    DPV Member

    Yeah, I don't know how much more innovative a Galaxy 3 can get. But I'd sure as sugar buy it if it was HD on the Wii U, if only for the graphics alone.

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