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Editorials & Features from the Marioverse

DS vs. PSP

Article originally written by UMF57 for Super Mario Portal ( on 22nd of October 2004


Yeah, you're probably all thinking, "Oh no not another DS vs. PSP article!!!" But this is not. It's a comparison. There's a difference.

Lets start with the DS. Made by Nintendo, this system has a fold screen and the first ever DUAL-SCREEN (ds...) video game system. These screens will be lit like the GBA SP, and can show either one big picture, or two separate pictures. With a rechargeable battery, you don't have to worry about the amount of money you'll spend on batteries for the system. The bottom screen has touch input, so you can use your finger or something for the bottom screen. The DS also has four face buttons, a D-pad, and two shoulder buttons. One big factor that will make the DS popular is that it will have online capabilities. If you have wireless internet, the DS can pick it up it up. This also has wireless link, up to 16 people, and the link can last up to 100 ft. The DS can also have microphone input. You may be able to TALK to your system. Lastly, thank Nintendo that it can play Gameboy games. (Hallelujah!) In short, the DS will be a big boost in the Nintendo line.

Now on to the PSP! Have you ever played a Playstation? The PSP is practically a Playstation 2 handheld. Made by Sony, the PSP's display is a 16:9 screen with a backlight. Of course this uses discs, like the PS2. The PSP has stereo speakers with a headphone input. A bad thing is it still uses memory cards that of course go with the memory slot on the PSP. The PSP has a rechargeable battery, so Sony gets a plus for that.Another definite plus of the PSP is that is has a USB port for connecting with other things. The PSP is said to have very good graphics and 3D rendering. The PSP sounds very promising, so many PSPs will likely be sold. do I suggest the DS or PSP? I don't suggest either. Reason? It's all in what you like and if you trust Nintendo or Sony to make a good handheld video game system. But if you want Mario, get the DS!

- Article writer, UMF57


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Author: LukeEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.